'Talking about your Research': An Advanced Course in Oral Communication

Talking about your Research

This postgraduate research workshop series aims to help prepare research students for their on-going studies at UNSW. It is designed for later-stage PhD students and aims to enhance oral communication skills in the Postgraduate research context.

Students will be asked to actively take on the ‘role of a researcher’ and engage and participate in communicating their ideas to other researchers by writing, designing and performing an oral presentation.

'Talking About Your Research' is offered by The Learning Centre UNSW and is presented by Gwyn Jones (gwyn.jones@unsw.edu.au)


Dates and Times for Term 1 2019

Start date: Wednesday 17 April 2019End date: Wednesday 15 May 2018
Time: 10am - 12pmDuration: 5 weeks
Hours per day: 2 (Total: 10 hours)Location: Library Room 208


Student/ Supervisor Agreement form (pdf)



Please complete a Student/ Supervisor Agreement form for the workshop series you will be attending and return it to Gwyn Jones (gwyn.jones@unsw.edu.au)


Course information

The aims of the course are for the participants to:

  • Build confidence when speaking critically about their research
  • Develop awareness of working on and empowering the ‘student voice’
  • Enhance structures and processes that will strengthen the formal presentation
  • Enhance and provide practice in performance skills
  • Build awareness of the complexity of what makes a good oral presentation

Performance of presentations, self-review and peer feedback form an integral part of this course.




Lesson 1

Thinking and talking about your research - Discussing Research Issues & Challenging your ideas

Introductions - entry task
Reflecting on individual research
Production and intonation
What makes a good presentation

Lesson 2


Context and Background-your problem statement  and presenting your Research

Process and structure-preparing your formal presentation
Discussing the problem and how it will be presented visually

Lesson 3

Communicating your research using PowerPoint
Rehearsing Presenting

Answering questions Practical PowerPoint workshop-
Story boarding and design
The rehearsal process

Lesson 4 


Student presentations and filming
Peer review feedback and revision

Lesson 5

Revised Performance-recording

Student presentations and filming
Self review and peer feedback
Course evaluation