Support for ACCESS Scheme Students

Student Life and Learning offers a number of support, learning and development opportunities for all students. Throughout the year, we also run workshops and seminars to help you manage your studies, budget and student life. We will stay in contact with you regularly via email to let you know about upcoming events or important deadlines you need to know.

Support services

Educational liaison

Make an appointment with one of our Disability Advisor if you have a medical condition, illness or learning difficulty that is having an impact on your studies.

Services around uni

We can put you in touch with support services around uni like counselling, accommodation and careers.

Ongoing assistance with academic skills

If you are having difficulty with your studies, an Educational Support Advisor can provide individual advice. You can also take a look at what's available on the academic skills and support page.

ALLY program

If you are experiencing any issues relating to your sexuality or gender identity as a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, intersex or questioning heterosexual (LGBTQI), you may wish to contact a friendly Ally. The ALLIES are open and welcoming contacts for LGBTQI students and staff. See the ALLY Network page for more information.

Scholarship information

For a list of all Scholarships and what you need to do to apply, check out the Scholarships website.

Complaints and grievances

If at any time you feel concerned about an issue or complaint that is negatively impacting on your studies or your experience at UNSW, you can seek advice from our Student Conduct and Appeals office.

Learning and development opportunities

There are many ways that you can get involved in professional development and leadership opportunities.  

You can become a student leader, ambassador or peer mentor by taking part in various programs run by Student Life and Learning. They are a great way to meet friends, help other students and make contacts for when you graduate from university.

You can join programs such as:

ASPIRE ambassadors

Volunteer as an ASPIRE ambassador and you could help students from disadvantaged schools or those trying to overcome educational barriers to reach their full potential. ASPIRE encourages school students to consider university as a future option.

ALLY network

Help break down the barriers of homophobic attitudes and create a more inclusive uni community by becoming involved in the ALLY program.

Professional development

Visit our professional development pages to see all the development programs, internships, volunteering and mentoring opportunities on offer.