Accessibility Ambassadors

Learn more about Accessibility on Campus

UNSW Student Life and Communities welcomes all visitors to our Kensington and Paddington campus!

Accessibility ambassadors are student volunteers that help keep our campus inclusive, and assist everyone on campus to experience and participate in events fully. If you are unsure what to expect when you are on campus, the student Accessibility Ambassadors are always here to help.

Who is this for?

  • People with a disability (permanent or temporary)
  • People with walking difficulty, vision impairment, etc.
  • People with anxiety or other conditions who may may need companionship
  • Elderly persons who may need assistance
  • People with a condition that results in disturbed behaviour due to the set up of the environment
  • Staff or student program organisers who are running an event for UNSW

Who are accessibility ambassadors?

Accessibility ambassadors are trained to:

  • assist all visitors at UNSW held events
  • provide information on accessibility
  • assist with physical navigation on campus
  • provide campus tours and alternative routes based on your needs
  • direct you to appropriate facilities or services e.g. UNSW Equitable Learning Services, Security, Campus Facilities, etc.
  • create personal plans based on your timetable
  • provide companionship or shadowing
  • provide a personal guide to participate in events.

Contact Us

This support service and volunteer program is offered by UNSW Student Life & Communities.

Contact us regarding:

  • having ambassadors at your event
  • services available on campus
  • finding the right routes to your classes (esp. when building / lifts are closed).

Click here to request ambassadors at your event. 

For more information, please contact