Who can nominate an opportunity or position with UNSW Advantage?

Any University Faculty, School or Division offering a volunteering or professional development program are eligible to nominate the activity or positions with it for inclusion within UNSW Advantage.

Constituent Clubs (affiliated with a faculty) are also entitled to nominate their executive positions, and any volunteer opportunities or professional development programs they run for members but first they must find a faculty staff member who is willing to support the nomination. This is to ensure it meets the criteria, to maintain contact with the students undertaking the activity, and to be able to verify their hours and activities. The staff member is required to update the student records via the online database (CCOS) several times a year, for which they will be given administrative access. Any staff member wanting information or guidance concerning the supervision of students within a constituent club or student led activity, should contact UNSW Advantage.

Several executive positions within Arc clubs and societies are now eligible for inclusion within UNSW Advantage through Arc’s Executive Recognition Initiative. To be eligible, executive members will be required to attend professional development training run by Arc, and submit a log book detailing their activities. The society will also need to submit a simple form to Arc.

Constituent Clubs who are unable to find a faculty staff member to act as the Activity Sponsor/Administrator may also be eligible to participate in Arc’s Executive Recognition Initiative. More information about this scheme is available here or email clubs@arc.unsw.edu.au

Opportunities to volunteer or undertake professional development within external organisations are not currently eligible for inclusion under UNSW Advantage, unless they are part of a university program such as the Volunteer Army or the UNSW Leadership Program.

Please note, the decision as to whether an activity or position is deemed eligible for inclusion under UNSW Advantage is ultimately at the discretion of UNSW Advantage. All factors are taken into consideration, including the nature of the activity or position, how it contributes to the university community, how well structured and professional it is, how it supports the student to develop the Advantages, the training involved, and also the level of support and supervision it receives from a university staff member. Detailed information is gathered through the nomination process, and carefully evaluated in order to maintain the integrity of AHEGS recognition for the university and students. Additional information may be requested and support can be provided with the nomination form and process, to ensure a fair process and appropriate decision is made.

Contact Advantage if you would like help in assessing whether you are entitled to lodge a nomination.

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