Gender affirmation and transition support

Transgender student support

Transgender students who seek support before, during or affirming transition may choose to speak to an Student Support Advisor. Student support advisors can assist with referrals to services both on and off campus as well as liaise regarding administrative issues within the such names and identity. Student support advisors can assist you to plan your transition.

They can also assist with advice and referral regarding issues of discrimination and harassment within UNSW.

UNSW offers a preferred name option for students however to formally change your name on your records you will need documentary evidence. Transgender students who seek need assistance with records and name changing (PDF) can contact The Nucleus: Student Hub

Safety of students

Safety of students is of paramount concern at UNSW

UNSW has both female, male and unisex toilets. All students are entitled to use their bathroom of choice where they feel safe. All disabled toilets are unisex.

If you experience any harassment on campus or do not feel safe please call Security Services.

Support for staff

UNSW Staff Support: for Individual Staff Members, Supervisors, Managers & Colleagues

UNSW has a comprehensive Gender Affirmation policy about how to seek support both as a Trans member of staff or as a manager, colleague or supervisor of Trans individuals.

The guidelines are found on UNSW HR Workplace diversity site and have an excellent range of information resources and practical checklists: