Register for ALLY Training

Register for ALLY Training

All staff and students are welcome to undertake ALLY training.

Staff and students can Register for ALLY training in myUNSW.

To register in myUNSW go to Manage My Profile, then My Profile > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrolment > Search by Course Name > Enter Ally in the Course Name field and click Search. From there, click View Available Sessions and enrol.

To become a registered ALLY, you need to attend a one-day training session that includes:

  • Exploring the issues facing the LGBTQI community
  • Building an understanding of the level of fear associated with disclosing sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Encouraging reflection on personal beliefs
  • Enabling ALLIES to refer staff and students to appropriate local resources, support services and assistance
  • Creating a committed network of colleagues across UNSW.

ALLY training is free and is also accreditable as part of the UNSW Student Leadership Program.

ALLY training offers an interesting and informative introduction to sexual identity and gender diversity. You will learn about  LGBTIQ+terminology, the impacts of discrimination and how you can become a more effective bystander and develop practices to reduce harm and discrimination. You don’t have to continue to be involved in ALLY to register and attend a training session. All you need is interest in learning about different views and perspectives. 

Being an ALLY is voluntary. Should you decide, after completing training, you would rather not commit to becoming an ALLY there is no requirement to do so. Simply by attending ALLY training, you are raising awareness of issues often kept hidden. You are also helping to make UNSW a more inclusive community.

After completing training, ALLIES are encouraged to:

  • Keep abreast of issues that may affect LGBTIQ students and staff
  • Assist ALLY@UNSW events (including IDAHO DAY on 17 May each year)
  • Display your ALLY@UNSW certificate/logo in their work area and/or wear an ALLY badge so they or their workplace can be recognised by students and staff seeking advice or support.

Ally Training Dates 2018

Wednesday February 14th

Tuesday March 13th

Thursday April 19th

Wednesday May 16th

Friday June 15th 

Thursday July 12th

Wednesday September 12th

Thursday October 18th 

Wednesday November 14th

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