Alumni Host Program

Alumni host program

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We want to ensure that UNSW Students have the most enriching time living and studying in Sydney.

What is the UNSW Alumni Host Program?

The Alumni Host Program is your chance to be hosted by a local community member. Your host will be a UNSW graduate (Alumni). You will meet with your host at least once throughout semester to share mutual interests and learn more about Sydney, Sydney’s culture and lifestyle.

Whether you want to find the best cafes in Sydney, take a ferry to Manly or explore one of our many beautiful inner city parks or simply want to scrub up on your English conversation skills, this program will certainly open the door to meeting new people from various backgrounds but who have ALL studied at UNSW Australia!

At the beginning of the program (March), all students and Alumni will get together for an evening of canapés and conversations, sharing their experiences as well as meeting other students who are participating.

Am I eligible?

  • Must be a new International Student
  • Must be 18 years and over


When will I meet my host?

As soon as a student receives information about their host (second week of semester) they should send an introductory email that includes; their name, background about themselves, what their studying at UNSW and hobbies and interests (i.e painting, playing sports). In the email you may also wish to suggest a few dates that you would be available to meet with your host. A convenient date to meet with your host can then be agreed on.

How many times should I meet?

How many times should I meet with my graduate during semester?

We suggest meeting at least three times during semester.

Need more information?

Stephen Chikazaza, International Projects Officer, Student Development International, Student Life and Learning