Blackboard Collaborate (Virtual Classroom)

Blackboard Collaborate 12.6 is a virtual classroom system that allows for large open group presentations or smaller group discussions. Blackboard Collaborate Classroom has been incorporated into the Moodle learning management system.

Teachers use virtual classrooms when there are issues organising face-to-face class sessions, either because students live remotely, or because everyone's tight schedules prevent them meeting at the same time in one place. Session can be recorded for absentees to view and listen to later.

This page provides introductory instructions for participants in Blackboard Collaborate sessions based in Moodle.

Getting started

Is your system ready to use Collaborate?

Download the Blackboard Collaborate launcher prior to the session.

  • Check the Collaborate System Requirements
  • Prior to your session test your configuration and download the Collaborate Launcher:
    • click this link to launch the v12.6 Configuration Room
    • on Mac OS:
      • on the Downloading Session screen, click the download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher link (a meeting.collab file will downloaded to your computer)
      • choose Mac from the dropdown and click Download
      • after the Launcher has downloaded, launch the session by double clicking the meeting.collab file
    • on Windows:
      • choose Windows from the dropdown and click Download
      • install the Launcher by running the downloaded file and following the prompts
      • back in the browser, click the Join link to launch the session and follow the prompts
    • once in the session run the Audio Setup Wizard (under Tools > Audio)

Participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session

Just click the Join Session link.

To enter a Blackboard Collaborate session, click the Join Session link for the session. Your teacher will have emailed this to you, or announced it in Moodle.

Reading the following resources will prepare you to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session:

Tips for a better Blackboard Collaborate experience

Set yourself up for a good audio and video experience.

Use the right equipment

  • Blackboard Collaborate requires a fairly good connection speed if video and audio are to work properly. Access your Blackboard Collaborate session from an appropriate computer.
  • It is important to use a headset (headphone with a microphone attached) to avoid any echoing / feedback etc.
  • Using the Blackboard Collaborate mobile collaboration app, you can join virtual sessions using a mobile device. However, note that a good headset is vital to a high-quality virtual classroom experience. iPhone earphones and microphone may not deliver sound and voice of high enough quality for full participation in a virtual classroom.

Before the session:

  • Well before the session, check whether your computer is suitable for use in a Blackboard Collaborate session.
  • Clear your browser cache and your Java cache. (Restarting your computer is an alternative way to clear these caches.)
  • Log in to the session using the guest link your teacher sent you. Do this with time to spare to:
    • run the Audio Setup Wizard
    • test your webcam, if you are using one.
  • Switch off your mobile phone ringtones and audio alerts, email notifications and other computer alerts or electronic devices that might sound or display during the session.
  • If you have any difficulties during setup, contact UNSW IT Services on (02) 9385 1333.

During the session:

  • Respond appropriately to suggestions and instructions from your session moderator using visual and voice tools, and commenting or adding questions in the chat window.

After the session:

  • If the session was recorded, your teacher will probably email you the link for the recording, or post it in an appropriate place in your Moodle course.
Recorded sessions are not suitable for playback on mobile devices.