Career Leaders Program

The Careers and Employment Career Leaders Program is an initiative to provide you with valuable skills and experience through assisting with the marketing and promotion of our programs and events, including our biggest event of the year - the Careers Expo. Our Careers Expo brings together over a hundred employers and several thousand students to talk about graduate and internship employment opportunities. 

The Program is accredited by UNSW Advantage as eligible for AHEGS. This allows you to gain an official certificate outlining your volunteer experience!


The applications for 2019 are now closed, please check back later for details of the 2020 Program.


Note: The UNSW Leadership Program Community Involvement component (20 hours of volunteer work) cannot be acquired using the Careers & Employment Career Leaders Program as this would be considered “double dipping”. You must complete 20 hours separately for each program to gain the official certification.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It For Me?

It may be worth considering the following before you apply:

  • Are you aware of Careers and Employment and understand the benefits and value of what we do?
  • Are you looking for some essential experience to build your teamwork and communication skills and provide examples for your resume and in interviews?
  • Do you want to get more involved in your university community?
  • Are you hoping to meet some new people?
  • Are you quite energetic and happy to be roaming around campus meeting students and staff?
  • Are you available for a 20-hour commitment and on the dates outlined above?
  • Are you a current student for all of term 1 2019?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of these, then this program is definitely for you!

What's Involved?


During O-Week and the first couple of week of Term it is important we market our services as widely as possible to new and existing students. As a volunteer, your role is to spread the word. Our volunteers work in small teams to set up and run a promotional stall as well as travel around campus, approaching students enthusiastically to market our services and employer events. Our volunteers wear bright pink t-shirts and hand out a selection of freebies and fliers to students.

Lecture shout-outs

Volunteers interested in improving their public speaking skills will have the opportunity to be part of the Lecture shout-outs team. As a group, you will work together to create a short, compelling introduction and “sales pitch” to encourage students to attend the 2019 Careers Expo. Lecture shout-outs require you to ‘drop in’ to lectures leading up to the event to spread the word.

Running a BBQ

Before the Careers Expo, we host a number of Careers BBQ on campus as a fun way to encourage students to attend the Expo. This is a great team activity!

Expo event assistance

At the Expo, we will have an Event Assistance Team of over 100 volunteers helping throughout the day to ensure the event runs smoothly. These volunteers will assist in setting up and clearing the venue, registering students attending the event as well as helping the participating employers.

Benefits For Participants

The UNSW Careers and Employment Career Leaders Program will assist you with:

  • Gaining experience in working in a collaborative team.
  • Building confidence in communicating with a broad range of people.
  • Gaining insight into the administration of a large scale event.
  • Practising business communication and networking abilities with graduate employers.
  • Building valuable transferable skills that can stand out on your resume.
  • Participate in a range of Career Development Learning activities.
  • Contributing to the broader UNSW community.
  • Recognised on your AHEGS when you graduate.

Key Dates

The 2019 Career Leaders Program has now closed, however here are the dates from this year so you can get an idea for what they will be for the 2019 program.

Applications Open – 12 October 2018

Applications Close - 6 January 2019

Mandatory Training Session - 6 February, 2-4pm or 7 February, 10am-12pm

2 shifts during O Week - 11 February to 15 February 2019

2 shifts during the dates leading up to the Careers Expo - 18 February to 6 March 2019

Mandatory Careers Expo Training - 4 March, 2-3pm or 5 March, 2-3pm

Careers Expo Shift - 7 March 2019

Thank You Event - TBC