BITSA Buddies Peer Mentoring Program

BITSA Buddies Peer Mentoring Program

BITSA Buddies Peer Mentoring is a unique program offering one-on-one peer mentoring session with an older Information Systems Student. Mentees are paired with a handpicked Mentor and will have flexible sessions as well as exciting group activities throughout the semester. This program is a great way to meet some of the amazing older students within the Information Systems community.


Guide and support first year Information Systems students throughout semester 1 in a Mentor capacity.

How to get involved

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Available only to students of the school of Information Systems or those completing a major in Information Systems.


BITSA Buddies Mentor


BITSA is fully committed to training Mentors. Working with UNSW Peer Mentoring a Peer Mentoring Workshop is run using a range of resources.


Semester 1 Week 1 - Week 12; 25+ hours commitment


Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Clubs & societies, Peer tutoring & mentoring

Provider of activity

UNSW Business School & AGSM

Interest area

Tutoring & mentoring, Youth work

Skills required and/or developed

Academic & scholarly skills, Interpersonal & communication, Leadership, Team work & networking

Contacts and more information


UNSW Business School


Hashinda Silva



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