Business Communication Mentor Program (BCoMP)

Business Communication Mentor Program (BCoMP)

BCoMP establishes a community of business communication mentors who are motivated to help other students with less experience in oral communication. The mentors will develop and deliver a variety of oral communication workshops to help the other students gain confidence and knowledge of effective oral communication in business, and potentially make a positive impact on their performance in oral communication situations.


Run four half-day oral communication workshops to help students in the Business School learn the skills to communicate effectively, confidently and professionally, and the strategies that help reduce communication apprehension.

How to get involved

Application for participation in BCoMP is open to students of the Business School. To apply, send the documents below via email to Henry Yip (

  1. A one-page expression of interest (EOI) telling us your knowledge and experience in communication situations and why you want to become a business communication mentor
  2. Academic statement
  3. Resume


Business Communication Mentor


Business Communication Mentors will receive training to hone their oral communication skills at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) or in-house at UNSW Sydney. Training at NIDA is through enrolment in Public Speaking Bootcamp or Presenting with Confidence. Training at UNSW Sydney is through self-paced learning from a collection of’s courses and sitting in on an oral communication workshop.


Around 28 hours in total – 12 hours of training and induction activities in one term and 16 hours of workshop preparation and delivery in the same term or over multiple terms.

Availability of activity

All year round


Henry Yip

Skills required and/or developed

Critical & analytical thinkingCross-cultural & global citizenshipInterpersonal & communicationLeadershipOrganisational & time managementTeam work & networking




Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Community volunteering, Peer tutoring & mentoring, Student ambassadors

Provider of activity

UNSW Business School & AGSM

Interest area

Tutoring & mentoring

Skills required and/or developed

Academic & scholarly skills, Critical & analytical thinking, Cross-cultural & global citizenship, Interpersonal & communication, Leadership, Organisational & time management, Team work & networking, Writing & editing

Contacts and more information


UNSW Business School



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