Mosaic Mentoring

Mosaic Mentoring

Mosaic Mentoring (formerly Mosaic Fusion Forums) offers both UNSW volunteers and local Sydney high school students the unique opportunity to come together and get talking about the social and cultural issues which shape and define us.


Volunteers will act as mentors for high school students, running group workshop activities, discussions, games, and a campus tour. Later, volunteers will conduct visits to the high schools and work with the groups to help them create a range of cultural expression major works. The program culminates in the Expo Night, a multimedia launch of major works and a celebration of the achievements throughout the year.

How to get involved

Apply online via here. Applications close Week 11 of semester.


  • Coordinator
  • Volunteer


Volunteers will undertake a one day cultural training session at the end of mid-year break.


Besides training during mid-year break, volunteering hours come in Semester 2. There are 2 events that require 2-6 hours of volunteering each, plus volunteering hours to prepare for the events scheduled as necessary.


Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Community volunteering

Provider of activity

Arc @ UNSW

Interest area

Tutoring & mentoring, Youth work

Skills required and/or developed

Cross-cultural & global citizenship, Interpersonal & communication, Leadership, Organisational & time management

Contacts and more information


Arc @ UNSW


Mosaic Mentoring Coordinator




02 9385 7700

For more information about co-curricular activities see UNSW Advantage.