Trainee Analyst Program

Trainee Analyst Program

The Trainee Analyst Program plays an instrumental role in helping Investing for Charity UNSW (I4C) realise its vision - to change the public perception of the finance industry, where industry members are professionals who make an active and sustained contribution to society. The year-long program provides Trainee Analysts with access to structured learning modules that enhance and refine critical financial skill sets, along with educational and motivational workshops facilitated by industry professionals who embody I4C's core values.


Trainees spend semester 1 learning core skills in order to research, analyse and present on a chosen charity, where they highlight metrics such as the social impact of a $1 donation. In semester 2, they utilise this analytical knowledge to conduct a company stock analysis to proffer a buy or sell recommendation. 

Mentors facilitate the training that trainees undertake in Semester 1 and Semester 2, during which they will learn core skills relating to charity analysis and company stock analysis respectively. Furthermore, Mentors will organise a presentation night for Trainees to present their findings and provide ongoing, constructive feedback to Trainees throughout the program to facilitate their learning process. By facilitating the selective Trainee Analyst Program and providing ongoing guidance and assistance, mentors provide trainees with opportunities to develop technical finance and professional skills. Through this, mentors invoke self-reflection of their core values, to instill a greater sense of global citizenship in the next generation of finance professionals.

How to get involved

Apply online. Applications close at the end of Week 1, 3 March 2017.


Trainee Analyst

Trainee Analyst Mentor


Trainees are required to complete 5 learning modules throughout each semester. Additional compulsory face-to-face workshops across the semester cover complex topics such as Excel workshop and ethics case studies. Trainees can expect constant feedback and support throughout the semester from the Learning & Development team as well as their mentors.

Mentors are required to complete an induction training session, run by executives and past mentors of the program, and they receive monthly update and training sessions run by past mentors, that cover topics such as leadership, organisation, technical training - skills critical to developing key graduate capabilities, and support mentors in the way they engage with their mentees.


Trainees- From Week 3 in Semester 1 to Week 12 in Semester 2. NB* there is a break between semesters. Approx 2-4 hours per week commitment

Mentors- Semester 1 Week 2 - Semester 2 Week 12 (break between semester), 2 hours per week - for approx 30-40 hours over the year


Availability of activity

Semester - weekdays

Type of activity

Development programs

Provider of activity

UNSW Business School & AGSM

Interest area

Fundraising & events

Skills required and/or developed

Academic & scholarly skills, Critical & analytical thinking, Entrepreneurship, Interpersonal & communication, Maths, finance & accounting, Team work & networking, Writing & editing

Contacts and more information


UNSW Business School


Hashinda Silva, Student Development Officer, UNSW Business School



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