UNSW Language Exchange Program

UNSW Language Exchange Program

Please note this program is not accredited by UNSW Advantage.

The UNSW Language Exchange Program allows UNSW students from Australia and overseas to meet and exchange language and cultural insights in a relaxed environment. The program has had more than 5800 participants since it started in Semester 2, 2010 and now has over 800 students participating each semester. 107 language combinations have been exchanged to date and countless lifelong connections have been made!

Participants are matched with a partner/s (groups will not exceed four in total) that speaks their language/s of choice. Groups arrange to meet and exchange language skills for at least 1 hour a week and also get the opportunity to meet and mingle with other program participants at various social events.

How to get involved

Whether you are interested in making friends that speak a language you want to practice, English or other or want to gain insights into cultural codes that are hard to learn from text books or prepare for a trip overseas, this program is for you.

The program is FREE and open to all UNSW students. You can be a complete beginner in the language you wish to learn or an advanced speaker! For more information visit the web page.


Availability of activity

All year round

Type of activity

Peer tutoring & mentoring

Provider of activity

DVCA Student Life/Hub

Interest area

Tutoring & mentoring

Skills required and/or developed

Cross-cultural & global citizenship, Interpersonal & communication, Problem solving & practical skills, Second language, Team work & networking

Contacts and more information


Student Development International



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