Colombuddy Peer Mentoring Program

Who is the Peer Mentoring Program for?

The Colombuddy Program is aimed at new residents joining the Colombo House residential college. Residents come from a range of backgrounds, ages and Education levels of the University.

Program description

The Colombuddy program aims to help new residents arriving into Colombo House residential college to settle into the college, UNSW and the local area. Returning residents are selected, trained and supervised to help and mentor new residents from the day they arrive to college, usually within the first hours of arriving to Australia, Sydney or UNSW – which can often be a very stressful, lonely and difficult time. The program lasts until Week 3 of the Term.

When does this program run?

Term 1 for approximately 6 weeks and Term 3 for approximately 6 weeks.

Program duration

Program starts when the Mentee’s assigned to each Mentor arrives into college. It runs until week 3 of the Term. (Approximately 6 weeks)

I am a new student, how do I register to participate in the program?

New students do not need to register as they will be automatically assigned a mentor when you arrive at the college.

I am a senior student, how can I become a mentor?

Applications can be made in writing to the Dean once expression of interest is open. (In October for Term 1 and June for Term 3).

We ask a few questions and a 1 page document to be submitted for selection of our COLOMBUDDY program.

We hope to create a cycle of mentors be inviting mentees to give back to the community by become mentors themselves and in time take leadership roles in helping to facilitate and develop this program further.

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