The complaints process explained

The University follows a three stage complaints handling model. Here you will find an overview of the complaints process.

Wherever possible complaints will be resolved by a process of discussion, cooperation and, where appropriate, mediation, as soon as possible after an incident or situation has occurred. Complaints will be acknowledged and handled promptly. Complaints will be treated sensitively having due regard to procedural fairness and confidentiality. You will be protected from detriment or disadvantage if you lodge a complaint.

In most circumstances the University follows a three stage complaints handling model (see Appendix A of the Student Complaint Procedure for a summary diagram).

Overview of Student Complaints Procedure

Stage 1: Local Resolution

If it is appropriate and you feel comfortable handling your issue then the best resolution of a complaint is near its source.

Stage 2: Central Resolution

This is a formal process for more serious or complex complaints, or for matters unresolved by or inappropriate for the local process.

Stage 3: Appeals

An appeal in respect of a decision following a Stage 2 process may only be lodged on the grounds of a lack of procedural fairness in the investigation process. Appeals should be lodged with the Director, Student Life. The Director will convene a Student Complaint Appeal Committee.

External Review - An appellant dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal may seek external review, for example by an agency such as the NSW Ombudsman.


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