Conversation Café Groups

Conversation Café Groups

The Learning Centre's Conversation Café offers students an opportunity to practice their 'everyday' English speaking and social language, and to build social networks outside their academic studies. 

Conversation Café groups are held as small and informal meeting with a facilitator. Each group is limited to five students and has a four week duration. Conversation Café runs during term.

For further details about upcoming groups, visit The Learning Centre's Workshop e-booking system.

What students say:

"The conversation groups not only help me to improve my English and vocabulary but also give some insight about local culture/customs."
"It encourage people to speak and received feedback from the tutor right away. This is very helpful in improving my conversation skills."
"Conversation groups make me become confident, and encourage me to practice more English in daily life.”
"One thing is to make me stay an English-speaking environment; another is to make friends and further practice my English. Also, it can let me share some things with others, and at the same time I can get some other different ideas. It's so happy and cool."
“To recognise the mistakes made in the daily conversations and develop speaking skills.”
"It can help me improve my listening skills and make some new friends."