Study Skills Support Program

Disability Services Study Skills Support Program

Study Skills Support is put in place to facilitate academic skills development and time management for students registered with Disability Services.

The program assists you to improve your academic skills and meet the learning requirements of your Undergraduate degree program.  This may include tutoring to assist you organising and accessing information related to your University studies, organising the content of your assignments and general academic and exam taking skills to help you achieve course outcomes when they are impacted by your disability or medical condition.

Disability Advisors will assess a student’s eligibility to receive Study Skills Support on a case by case basis.  Due to the nature of student registration with Disability Services, all staff and tutors who are employed in the Study Skills Support program are expected to comply with the legislation and respect the privacy and confidentiality of others.

The Study Skills Support Tutor facilitates students being able to develop and attain the skills necessary to improve their academic work. The Study Skills Support Tutor does not teach the academic course content. Tutors are allocated work according to demand each semester.  Disability Services will endeavour to place a student with the same tutor each semester once availability has been indicated, though we cannot guarantee hours or number of allocated students each semester.

The student can receive tutoring for two hours per week with a total of 26 hours per semester unless otherwise agreed with the student’s Disability Advisor.


The Study Skills Support Tutor assists students in the following areas:

  • Improving the structure of their written assignments, such as essays and reports.
  • Developing arguments in writing.
  • Organising their ideas.
  • Improving their knowledge of sentence structure.
  • Reading more critically to identify relevant information.
  • Assisting student to develop time management skills and organisational skills.
  • Assisting students with organising notes and materials.
  • Preparing for examinations and in-class tests.
  • Prioritising study tasks.

Generally, students are matched with a Tutor who specialises in the same course work, further enhancing their academic experiences.  Due to limited tutors, this may not always be the case.  Depending on the student’s needs, the Study Skills Support Tutor may require knowledge of the academic subject area and/or the School’s requirements, for example:

  • Specific assignment formatting
  • Use of relevant academic databases
  • Readings for a particular course
  • Availability of eLearning materials.


Requirements for both the student and the Study Skills Support Tutor

  • To commit to attend your tutoring sessions at the agreed time, date and location.
  • To be aware that Study Skills Support is not subject specific, but only an assistive tool to progress your academic studies.
  • Need to organise a room for the Study Skills Support session.
  • To note that Study Skills Support is to be between the following span of hours as indicated in The UNSW General Staff Enterprise Agreement, Schedule 5: G: Clerical & Admin staff: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm.  No Sundays. Tutoring to be conducted on the Kensington & COFA campuses of the University.  Tutoring is not to be conducted at student’s or Tutor’s home.
  • To inform Disability Services Unit if any problems/issues arise.

Requirements only for the student

  • Initiate contact with their allocated tutor at the start of the semester by email once Study Skills Support has been confirmed.
  • Notify the Tutor and Disability Support with at least 24 hours’ notice if unable to attend the tutoring session.
  • Be prepared for the session.
  • Sign verification form at the completion of each session provided by the tutor on the day.
  • Be aware that not attending two consecutive tutoring sessions without a valid reason may result in the service being cancelled.
  • Students may request to work with a different tutor.  Students must speak with their Disability Advisor if they wish to be allocated another tutor or to discuss if they no longer require Study Skills Support.

Requirements only for the Study Skills Support Tutor

  • Complete and sign all Disability Services forms and return to Disability Services before commencing tutoring.
  • Prior to commencing the initial session with the student, the tutor must make sure that their SAL 11 forms are up to date.
  • Advise Disability Services at the start of the semester of their availability and the number of students they are able to tutor.  Disability Services will then allocate students at the start of each semester to the tutor.
  • Request feedback from Disability Services and/or participate in any review activities as required. Always contact Disability Services if they have any concerns working with a student or the program.
  • Tutors to submit the completed Verification of hours and claim online for salary within a reasonable time frame. i.e. complete verification forms for the hours of tutoring work which has been signed by the student and submit claim on a weekly to fortnightly basis.

Confidentiality form

Please complete this PDF confidentiality form and submit to Disability Services.