Disability Support Services

If you are trying to manage the demands of university as well as a health condition, learning disability or have personal circumstances that are having an impact on your studies, our disability services may be able to provide you with assistance.

What you need to know

Register for support

If you want to receive support during your time at university for your disability needs then you will need to register for disability support.

(NDIS) National Disability Insurance Scheme

Are you living with disability and wanting to register for the NDIS?

Overview of disability services

Discover the things you need to know about studying with a disability at university as well as some answers to some commonly asked questions.


Support and educational adjustments

Here you can find information on the types of support and educational adjustments available:

Classwork support

Some of the educational adjustments you may need might apply to managing your coursework. Here you will find an overview of how you might be supported at UNSW and your Letter of Support.

Alternative formatting

If reading text is difficult for you, you may be eligible to have material converted into alternative formats.

Assistive technology

If you need technology to assist you in learning your course material, Disability Services have a range of specialised computer software and equipment including hearing assistive technologies.

Exam adjustments

Whether you need access to food and drink for medical reasons or need extra time to complete exams due to your disability, then we may be able to arrange exam adjustments for you.

Mental health support

Disability Services is here to support students whether their condition is permanent, episodic or temporary.


If you are unable to take notes for yourself and have medical documentation to support your condition, you may be eligible for notetaking services.

Study skills support program

Students registered with Disability Services may be eligible to receive Study Skills Support to assist them with academic skills and time management.

Special consideration

If unexpected major events such as illness or a death in the family prevent you from completing your assessments or sitting an exam, you may be eligible for special consideration.

Summer term support

If you are planning on taking courses during the Summer Semester then find out what this will mean for your educational adjusments.


Peer mentors and ambassadors

Accessibility Ambassadors

The accessibility ambassadors are student volunteers that help keep the campus inclusive, and assist everyone on campus to experience and participate in events fully.



Forms relating to disability support

If you know at the start of the Semester that you cannot meet the attendance requirements for a course you need to discuss options with your Disability Adviser. An alternative assessment may be an option which you need to agree about with teaching staff at the start of the semester and your Disability Advisor can assist you with this.


Contacts and appointments

Contact a Disability Advisor

Phone 9385 4734

Email disabilities@unsw.edu.au


Accessibility maps

See accessible routes, accessible parking, accessible toilets and more in these interactive digital maps and PDF map of the Kensington campus.