Diversity Showcase 2019

T3 WK2 THU 26 SEP | John Niland Scientia Building

Sponsored by the division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as part of Diversity Fest, Diversity Showcase is a UNSW Careers and Employment event aiming to showcase EDI initiatives at UNSW, and connect UNSW staff, students, academics, industry experts and alumni across all diversity dimensions. Featuring graduate, internship and mentoring programs from corporate and government that demonstrate examples of best practice and reflect diversity within industry.

This event will be open to UNSW students, staff, alumni and organisations interested in UNSW diverse students. 


How many diversity groups does UNSW have?

UNSW is proud to welcome a vast array of students from different cultural and social backgrounds. Some of the diversity groups at UNSW include, but are not limited to LGBTIQ+, Indigenous people, cultural minority, students with disability, equity and female in underrepresented industries.

When will the Diversity Showcase take place?

The Diversity Showcase 2019 will take place in Term 3 Week 2, Thursday, 26 September, 9.30am-5pm. 

How much does it cost to attend?

As a UNSW EDI initiative, the Diversity Showcase is free for all attendees.

I do not identify with a Diversity group. Can I still attend?

Employers that are interested in learning more about EDI at UNSW and recruitment of diverse students are encouraged to attend. UNSW staff, students and alumni that identify with a diversity group or are interested in learning on how to support EDI students in transition to the workplace are welcome to attend. 

Will the Showcase cater to my accessibility needs?

Presentations during the Diversity Showcase will be transcribed, and student volunteers will be available to assist with any accessibility needs throughout the day. If you require further accessibility resources, please contact UNSW Careers and Employment at careers@unsw.edu.au or 9385 5429.

What is the Agenda for the day?

The full agenda can be found here. Please check for updates on sessions.

Alumni and Speaker Information

Find out more about the Alumni Panelists and Speakers presenting at the Diversity Showcase this year.