Preparation Checklist for Re-enrolment

Preparation Checklist for Re-enrolment

This checklist helps you get organised to re-enrol in an undergraduate or postgradraduate course, when you have already begun studying in a UNSW program and are about to continue your studies from one semester to the next.

To make the enrolment process easier, think about everything ahead of time, from computer access and passwords to your choice of courses and classes.

Are you enrolling in only one program?

You may only enrol in one program. You're not permitted to be enrolled in any other program at the same time, either at UNSW or at any other tertiary institution, unless the faculty or faculties concerned have approved this multiple enrolment.

See Multiple enrolment rules.

Do you know the right time to re-enrol?

You will be emailed an enrolment reminder. For program-specific enrolment dates and deadlines, see dates for enrolment.

Re-enrolment begins for:

  • Semester 1 in October.
  • Semester 2 in late April.
  • Summer Term in late October.

Can you sign on to myUNSW?

If you encounter difficulty signing on to myUNSW, or you've forgotten your password, see Help with Sign On.

Check you are not blocked from enrolling

Check that you don't have any outstanding action items that block you from re-enrolling. These will be displayed when you first sign on to myUNSW, on the Home tab, under My Alerts.

Some action items - including those for outstanding fees - will prevent you enrolling. You can clear an outstanding-fees action item by making a payment.

Find out more about Action Items in myUNSW.

Check program requirements and select your options

Think about the courses you need to undertake for your program. Make a note of the courses you want to enrol in before you enrol. You only enrol in one semester at a time. To make the best decisions about your course selection refer to:

  • Handbook for program requirements and outlines, and relevant guidelines or restrictions.
  • Class Timetable for course activity times, locations, etc.
  • Class Utilisation Index for listing all courses by the semester in which they're offered, and telling you whether a class is full or still open for enrolment.
  • Faculty or school website for program-specific enrolment instructions, handbooks and timetables.

Where courses haven't been scheduled, you'll have to obtain timetable information separately. You may also need to enrol in tutorials, labs and so on with your Program Authority or the office offering the course. If you need more detailed information about your program of study, contact your Program Authority for specific advice.

What next?

You are now prepared for Re-enrolment.


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