Recruiting Volunteers for Skill Development Program

26 Nov 2017  |  UNSW
Recruiting Volunteers for Skill Development Program

UNSW Skill Development Program – 189,000, 3150, 450 - that’s your university career in minutes, hours and days. Make every second count, have fun and gain skills employers love through a range of initiatives.

 The Program lets you develop skills employers love, such as teamwork, communication and leadership and helps you to connect with other students. Meet some new friends, work together, give back to the UNSW and local communities!



    1. Be part of the backbone of the Skills Development Program and work with staff members to oversee other teams by applying for the Program Support Team (click here).
    2. Be the driver of organising fundraising events across campus by applying for the Fundraising Team (click here).
    3. Be the ambassador that promotes cross-cultural diversity and sharing of things and connecting with UNSW students  in Sydney by applying for the Global Citizen Team (click here).
    4. Be connected and engage with a community partner to work on short programs/run initiatives to better the UNSW community by applying for the Community Engagement Team (click here).
    5. Be a change maker and help students transition into university life by applying for the Transition Team (click here).
    6. Be the facilitator to engage students in improving their communication skills by applying for the Discussion Community Team (click here).
    7. Be a casual volunteers at key UNSW events, including the upcoming Info Day 2017 (16 Dec) and Orientation week (2018 Semester 1) with Student@UNSW (click here)


All of our opportunities are recognised under UNSW Advantage and will appear on your AHEGS.

Get your applications in before it is too late! 


How to Apply

Summer Semester 2017/18: December 2017 to April 2018 (Christmas holiday: 18/12/2017 to 7/1/2018)

 Apply here 

Teams/Roles available: Program Support Team, Discussion Team, Transition Team

Application closes on 26/11/2017


2018 Semester 1 (March 2017 to July 2018)

 – Apply here

Application closes on 14/2/2018


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