UNSW Business School Undergraduate O-SSENTIALS

UNSW Business School Undergraduate O-SSENTIALS
10 Sep 2020, 1:00pm - 2:00pm | Zoom

Time to meet your student community, including other first-years, and prepare for your studies.

We are partnering with Arc, UNSW’s student life organisation, and our Business School student clubs and societies to help you make the best possible start to your time as a student at the UNSW Business School.

  • Meet the Business School’s student community with Michael and Karrie, Co-Presidents of the Business Society and Daniel, President of the Accounting Society;
  • Discover all the online resources you need to help you survive your first term and ace your first year;
  • Join us for some speed-friending and meet other first-years from the Business School;
  • Hear about all the amazing student experiences offered by Arc.

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