Your Mind & Art

Your Mind & Art
1 - 31 Oct 2020

Everyone in our world has a story to share. International students, in particular, have stories to share about the difficulties of living away from family and friends in an unfamiliar country.


This October, we invite all of our international students to spend some time reflecting. Express your personal stories as an international student through art. In the spirit of Mental Health Month this October, this is a safe platform where you can, but are not required, to share experiences with mental health. 


There is no right or wrong in art, create whatever you want. Submissions are open to everyone and can be anonymous (we won't share your name on the exhibit unless you want us to). You can also submit a brief description of your artwork which will be shown in the gallery alongside your piece.


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We will showcase your works during a 1-hour virtual fireside chat on Monday 19 October. The fireside chat will be with UNSW students and alumni to share their own stories as students and transitioning to the workforce in Australia. 

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