Eating Healthy Food on a Budget

Eating Healthy Food on a Budget
9 Apr 2021, 1:00pm - 1:45pm | Online event

Plastic free – healthy – you are what you eat…. It all sounds great but it’s so stressful, how do you know what you should eat?

Why is eating healthy food so expensive? Does it have to be organic to be healthy? Can you eat healthy on a budget?

We get it, healthy eating can seem stressful, expensive or confusing. But did you know you can make a healthy meal for less than take-out and eat it for more than 1 meal?

Join our How To Workshop and learn how to read a food label, choose more healthy, seasonal products and feel better while doing it. We will be chatting with our Dietitian pal Libby who has all the need to know info and experience in helping people with their nutritional needs and questions.

Got questions to ask? Submit them here and attend the event for your chance to win an epic prize pack from UNSW Plastic-Free Dining.

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