COREtex 2021: Building Strong Foundations in Science

COREtex 2021: Building Strong Foundations in Science
15 Sep 2021, 4:00pm - 7:00pm | Online

Confused about how to structure a scientific article?

Interested in a career in research, and want to learn how to present and discuss scientific findings?

Didn’t pay attention in stats and don’t know when to use a t-test?

Unaware of how machine learning may interact with your career?

Youth Neuro Australia has got you covered!

In this workshop, you'll go back to the basics to improve your skills in science communication and statistics. In line with immense progress in technology and neuroscience research, attendants will also have the opportunity to explore the promising applications of machine learning and neural networks with an expert in the field!  

Workshops will consist of THREE sessions and you can preference your breakout options in the FIRST TWO sessions!

  • Science Communication
  • Common Statistical Tests & How To Use Them
  • Machine Learning & Neural Networks

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