Exam Adjustments

Exam adjustments require significant coordination by Disability Services, your School and the Exams Team within UNSW Student Services & Systems. It is very important you check your student emails regularly for correspondence about your exams from Disability Services and from the Exams Team.

NOTE: Eligibility for exam adjustments is assessed by the documentation provided by your Doctor or Health Professional and in consultation with your Disability Adviser. If you need assistance, contact us and register for support.

Types of exam

There are two types of exams in university:

1. 'in-class' exams (includes take-home exams)

2. ‘formal’ exams

If you have been given educational adjustments for exams by your Disability Adviser, then they will apply to both in-class and formal exams.

Your Disability Adviser will discuss with you what exam adjustments you are eligible to receive at UNSW.

Your adjustments will be outlined in your Letter of Support.

Adjustments may include: an allocation of extra time, permission to take medication during the exam or sitting the exam in an individual room. If you received exam provisions from the Board of Studies or another institution they may not be the same as the provisions you will receive at UNSW. Your adjustments may differ depending on the type of exam.

‘In-class’ exams

  • 'In-class' exams are conducted through your School and set at a scheduled time by your lecturer during the teaching session. In some Schools, administrative staff organise the arrangements for your exams.
  • You must give your lecturer and School administration staff a copy of your Letter of Support at the beginning of semester/term or within two weeks of the date on the letter.
  • If you do not give your letter within the correct timeframe, you risk not having your provisions in place in time for your exams.
  • It is your responsibility to check with the lecturer and the School that your exam provisions are in place.
  • Contact the school and check that your provisions have been accommodated two weeks after submitting your Letter of Support.

Formal exams

  • ‘Formal’ exams are organised by the Exams Team and held during the exam period at the end of each teaching session.
  • Your agreed exam adjustments will automatically be recorded by Disability Services and sent through to the Exams Team. This will enable them to accommodate the requests for your formal exams at the end of the teaching session.
  • About two weeks before exams start, the official exam timetable for all students will be available on myUNSW.
  • Disability Services will email you to advise you of the cut-off date after which you will not be able to change your provisions until the next semester.
  • The official timetable will not reflect the details of your exam provisions (e.g. the location and days your exams will be held).
  • The Exams Team, not Disability Services, will contact you via email prior to exam week confirming your provisions and the details of the day, time and place your exams will be held.
  • When you receive the email from Exams Team it is important that you check that the exam adjustments are as you discussed with your Disability Adviser.
  • If you believe that the exam adjustments in the email are not the same as outlined in your Letter of Support please contact Disability Services immediately via email.
  • If you do not require/want individual arrangements for any of the exams, please advise Disability Services via email immediately at disabilities@unsw.edu.au
  • Respond immediately to all emails sent to you from Disability Services and the Exams Team.

Changes to your exam adjustments

  • If you require any changes to your exam provisions, make an appointment to see your Disability Adviser no later than four weeks before the end of the teaching session.
  • Contact your Disability Adviser immediately if there is any change to your disability that may have an impact on your ability to sit your exams.
  • If you do not require exam provisions for any of your exams, please email disabilities@unsw.edu.au as soon as possible and no later than two weeks before the exams take place.
  • Bring updated documentation to your appointment that supports the changes to your disability.

Supplementary exams

In the event the disability you registered with Disability Services prevents you from sitting your exams, please contact your Disability Adviser as soon as possible to discuss what you need to do.

Supplementary exams are organised and managed centrally by the Exams Team. If you are required to sit a supplementary exam, you will be notified by the Exam Team of when and where it will take place.

The supplementary examination periods are published on the Key Dates page, here: https://student.unsw.edu.au/dates

You must be available to sit the exam on the specified date. Booking holidays, flights out of Australia or any other appointment will not be accepted as an excuse for not sitting the exam.