Student guide to successful Term 3 2019 exams

Student guide to successful Term 3 2019 exams

Published: 17 October 2019

Exams are just around the corner, so before your exams commence please familiarise yourself with the following important information:

1) Fit to Sit

UNSW now has a fit to sit rule, which means that if you sit an exam, you are declaring yourself fit to do so and cannot later apply for special consideration - Find out more

2) Supplementary exams

The supplementary exam period for Term 3 will be Monday 13 January – Friday 17 January.

  • If you are approved for a supplementary exam, you will be notified by UNSW student email no later than Monday 23 December. Please regularly check your UNSW email.
  • Please note that the Schools of Optometry and Biomedical Engineering will be organising their own supplementary examinations and you will need to contact the Schools directly for further information.

3) Clear resealable plastic bags

In line with UNSW’s goal to ‘Go Plastic Free’, we are phasing out the use of the clear resealable plastic bags during exams. These bags were never meant to be single use and we know that many students re-use their bags. If you wish to continue reusing your bag, you can. Alternatively, you can bring your valuables into the exam venue and place them under your desk. However, you must not access these items during an exam as you will be in breach of exam rules and cited for academic misconduct.


For further information on calculators, exam venues, transport, suitable identification and what you can and cannot bring to your exam, please refer to the Exams website or email