Support While Overseas on Exchange

Support While Overseas on Exchange

Here you can find support information for student exchange students while studying overseas. If you have recently arrived at your exchange destination, you are probably very busy settling in to your new home. Good luck!


It is important you enrol in a full-time load at the partner university. Please ensure that you:

  • confirm the full-time load at your nominated partner university
  • have enough courses approved to enrol in an equivalent full-time load at the partner university

If you need to enrol in any classes that you did not have approved by your UNSW faculty before you left, you should request course approval via your exchange application. Once your courses are approved, send your TOC form to your Faculty for final approval.

Emergency counselling while you are overseas

The Department of Foreign Affairs provides emergency services for Australians overseas. These services include access to Lifeline telephone counselling if you experience a crisis or if you require counselling services in an emergency while overseas. These services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To access the counselling service, call, +61 2 6261 3305.

For details see Smartraveller.

Extending your exchange

If you are on exchange for a single session and you want to extend your exchange for a further session, contact UNSW Study Abroad and Exchange at least six weeks before the end of your first session. Any extension is granted based on approval from UNSW Study Abroad and Exchange, your UNSW Faculty and the Exchange Office at the partner university.


Before you leave your host university, you should check if you need to order a transcript.  Most universities will automatically send us an official copy of your academic transcript, however some require you to order one or sign a release form. You should check with your host institution before returning home.


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