Student Exchange Webinars

Student Exchange Webinars
17 Apr 2019 - 12:00am

Are you keen to take part in a semester or a year abroad?

We are excited to launch regional exchange webinars that give you an opportunity to ask our Exchange Advisors questions online in real time. Each webinar will start with a brief presentation that includes region specific information, and then you will be able to post your questions and get answers.

Below is the schedule of Exchange webinars. These webinars are designed for current UNSW students. You can access the webinar you would like to join via the Student Exchange Moodle Tutorial.

Thursday 21 March1-2pmUSA
Wednesday 27 March1-2pmUSA
Tuesday 2 April1-2pmUSA
Wednesday 17 April1-2pmUSA
Wednesday 3 April1-2pmLatin America
Thursday 28 March12-1pmAsia, Israel, New Zealand & South Africa
Tuesday 16 April1-2pmAsia, Israel, New Zealand & South Africa
Tuesday 19 March1-2pmCanada
Wednesday 3 April12-1pmCanada
Wednesday 20 March12-1pmAustria, Germany, Czech Republic & Switzerland
Tuesday 26 March1-2pmScandinavia, Netherlands & Iceland
Wednesday 17 April1-2pmScandinavia, Netherlands & Iceland
Tuesday 2 April12-1pmFrance, Italy & Spain
Tuesday 19 March12-1pmUK & Ireland
Thursday 28 March1-2pmUK & Ireland
Thursday 4 April1-2pmUK & Ireland
Tuesday 16 April12-1pmUK & Ireland

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