Fee Policy for Domestic Students

Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Non-award programs

You are considered to be a Domestic Student if you are an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen. These rules apply only to students enrolled as tuition fee-paying students. This policy does not apply to Commonwealth Supported Students (HECS-HELP) or Local Higher Degree Research students with a Research Training Program (RTP) entitlement.


Acceptance of an Offer of Admission

You are not required to pay a deposit in order to accept your offer of admission. However, you must accept your offer in accordance with the instructions of your offer letter, and by the deadline specified. If you do not accept your offer by the deadline, you may lose your offer of a place.

Deferment: If you want to defer your enrolment from one year to the next, or one semester to the next, you must submit your request by the deadline and method stipulated in your offer letter. Not all programs permit deferment. If you are not permitted to defer, you must lodge a new application for admission. If you are permitted to defer, you will be liable for the tuition fees applicable in the year in which you enrol.

Fraudulent Documentation: UNSW is committed to ensuring the integrity of our degrees for our graduates and adamantly opposes any activities that result in the creation of fraudulent documents or false representation of university studies.

While UNSW cannot speak to individual investigations or to any specific individual student file due to privacy legislation, any such accusations are accorded serious review and attention. Examples of possible punitive actions might include expulsion, refusal to allow admission and possible legal action.

Where a student is found to have provided fraudulent documentation the University will consider the record to be ‘on hold’ or suspended until the investigation is complete and a decision regarding the possible outcomes is communicated to the student. No refund of any tuition or deposit will be made whilst the investigation is ongoing.

Where a student is found to have provided fraudulent documentation as part of their application for admission and is excluded as a result of this, no refund will be made to the student unless the student has paid fees in advance for a period of study which has not yet commenced.

Fees Payable

1. Tuition Fees
Tuition fees are charged according to the classification of the course (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research). Fees for each semester of the program are payable by the Payment Due Date which is shown on your fee statement, available on myUNSW.

Fees are reviewed annually and will increase. See the current tuition fee schedule.

2. Non-Award, Cross-Institutional and Voluntary Course Fees

Fees are charged for all non-award course enrolments. For a list of fees please refer to the current tuition fee schedule.

Calculation of Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are calculated on your enrolment in specific courses. UNSW students enrolled in most programs have some flexibility in the courses they choose and, at times, these courses will be from outside your own Faculty. Tuition fees are derived from the relative cost of providing each type of course and are calculated at the rate corresponding to the year of the Census date applicable to your enrolment in a course. Information on tuition fees is provided in the offer notice and the tuition fee schedule.

1. Repeated Courses

If you are required to repeat a course you will be charged the full cost to re-enrol in the course, based on the units of credit for that course at the time it is repeated.

2. Non-award Course Enrolment

In certain cases, you may be permitted by a Faculty to enrol in additional courses that cannot be counted towards award requirements. If permitted to do so, you will need to apply for, and be enrolled in, a separate non-award program and charged at the DFEE student rate according to the tuition band fee for that course enrolment.

Payment of Fees

Tuition fees are calculated prior to the start of semester and are payable in advance by the UNSW Payment Due date, as noted on your Fee statement in myUNSW. You must access your Fee statements (Statement of Student Debt) online via myUNSW, available approximately 2 to 3 weeks before classes commence. This statement includes payment deadlines and payment options for all enrolled Teaching Periods.

Unless stipulated in the Offer Letter, all payments must be made in Australian dollars, and finalised by the Teaching Period Payment Due date for each semester.

1. Late Enrolment

If you enrol after the start of the course, you are expected to finalise payment upon enrolment. A late enrolment fee of $250 will be applied to all enrolments after the published deadline.

2. Sponsored or Assisted Students

Sponsored or Assisted students are students who have an official sponsor recognised by the University, and whom the University invoices directly, rather than invoicing the individual student.

If you have an agreement with the University that your fees will be paid by a recognised sponsor (i.e. home government/institution), you will be able to view a fee statement online indicating if any fees are required (i.e. fees which are not covered by their sponsor). If you are not liable for any fees, the online statement simply serves as a confirmation of your enrolment. A separate invoice for fees will be sent to your sponsor.

If you have a recognised sponsor, please note that you will be liable for any unpaid tuition fee costs if your sponsor defaults on payment in any given semester.

If you have an 'unofficial sponsor', such as an employer or a family member who has agreed to cover study costs, please note that in all cases UNSW considers you, the student, to be solely responsible for any financial liability to the University.

If you have an outstanding debt, you will not be permitted to re-enrol in a subsequent year, semester or teaching period until such time as the debt is paid in full. Students indebted to the University will not be able to view their results, will not be issued with academic transcripts or any other official credentials and will not be permitted to graduate.

Non-Payment of Fees

If you have an outstanding debt, you will have a Denial of Services block placed on your student account which will prevent you from accessing the following services:

  • Access to buildings and computer labs
  • Official transcripts or any other official documentation issued by the University
  • Re-Enrolment or Graduation (whichever is applicable) 
  • Access to Library Services
  • Examination Results

If you do not pay your fees by the published Payment Due Date, you may have your enrolment cancelled. However, you will still be financially liable for your enrolment, unless you drop your courses on or before the relevant census date.

If fees remain unpaid, UNSW will forward your matter to our commercial debt collection agency, without further notice to you. 

If that occurs, you will not only be liable for the amount of your outstanding fee debt, but you will also be liable for any fees, costs and other amounts charged by the collection agency to UNSW, in the process of recovering the debt. This will include any legal costs incurred.

Refund of Fees Paid

1. Refund Of Fees – New Students

If you are a commencing student in your first Semester and you have enrolled and you subsequently discontinue your program on or before the relevant census date, all tuition fees paid will be refunded, less an amount of $500.00. You will incur and retain a financial liability for payment of $500 regardless of whether or not fees have been paid.

2. Refund Of Program Fees - Non-Award Enrolment

If you discontinue your program on or before the census date for that Semester, a full refund of the fee for the course will be made.

If you discontinue your program after the relevant census date for that Semester, you will incur and retain financial liability for the course fee, regardless of whether the fee has been paid.

If you are enrolled in a teaching period that has not yet started (e.g. T1B, T2B etc.), you will receive a full refund for any course/s relating to that teaching period. Fees paid for teaching periods in which the census date has already passed will not be considered for refund.

3. Re-Enrolling Students - Withdrawal by Census Date (Refund of all fees paid)

If you are a re-enrolling student and you discontinue your program prior to the relevant census date of that Semester, you will receive a refund of all fees paid for the Semester.

If you are a re-enrolling student and you withdraw from one or more courses prior to the relevant census date of that Semester, you will not be financially liable for those courses.

4. Commencing and Re-Enrolling Students - Withdrawal after Census Date (No Refund)

If you discontinue your program after the relevant census date you will not receive a refund of fees paid for that Semester and will be financially liable.

If you are enrolled in a teaching period that has not yet started (e.g. T1B, T2B etc.), you will receive a refund for any course/s relating to that teaching period (Note: Commencing students in their first Semester of teaching are still subject to point 1. above). Fees paid for teaching periods in which the census date has already passed will not be considered for refund.

5. Refund Of Program Fees – Special Circumstances

Students who can clearly demonstrate that they experienced special circumstances during a Semester, can apply for fee remission.

Special Circumstances are:

  • Beyond your control and
  • Did not make their full impact on you until on or after the census date and
  • Made it impracticable for you to complete the requirements for the course in the period during which you undertook or were to undertake the course.

See Fee Remission (Special Circumstances).

If you are a postgraduate research student who submits a project report or thesis for examination by the relevant census date for that Semester, you will not be liable for tuition fees in that Semester.

6. Refunds for Tuition Fees Paid

If you require a refund, you must complete and submit the Refund Request Form. Refunds are generally processed and paid within four weeks of receiving the completed request form.

Refunds will only be made following clearance of the original payment. Refunds are usually in Australian dollars, and will be refunded via the original payment method.

7. Credit Balances

If you have a credit balance on your account as a result of an overpayment or an adjustment/amendment to your fee liability, this credit will be held in your student account towards your fee liability for the following semester.

If you do not enrol the following semester, the University will attempt to contact you at the end of that semester to provide a refund of any overpayment made.

If you require a refund before the end of the semester, submit a refund application form to Student Central. Refund requests are usually processed within four weeks.

If the University is unable to contact a former student to arrange the refund of an overpayment, the funds will be held for a maximum of six years, at which time the credit balance will be transferred to the Office of State Revenue (OSR).

To find out if any unclaimed monies have been passed to OSR please contact fees@unsw.edu.au in the first instance.

Where the University has passed the funds to the OSR, students are advised to access the OSR online search functionality.

If you do not enrol the following semester, the University will attempt to contact you at the end of that semester to provide a refund of any overpayment made.

If a refund is required before the end of the semester, submit a refund application form to Student Central. Refund requests are usually processed within four weeks.


Use the Refund Request. 

Submit your completed form either in person at UNSW Student Central or by email to fees@unsw.edu.au or by fax to +61 2 9385 1252 for the attention of the Student Financials Team or by post to Student Financials, Student Administration, UNSW, Sydney, NSW 2052

Your request will usually be processed within four weeks.

Difficulties with Payment

If you have difficulty paying your tuition fees due to financial hardship, you may apply to pay your tuition fee under a payment plan.

Payment plans

  • Are arranged on a per-semester basis only
  • Cannot be applied retrospectively
  • Are not available to commencing students: Undergraduates, you cannot apply in the first year of study. Postgraduates, you cannot apply in your first semester of study.
  • Are only available to full-fee-paying students. They are not available to Commonwealth Supported students

Applications received after the fee payment due date will not be considered.

To apply, please complete the Payment Plan Request form and submit together with a detailed personal statement describing your financial difficulties, and any relevant documentary evidence.

Applications are reviewed individually and a decision is usually made within five working days.

If your request for a payment plan is approved

  • An administrative charge of $100 will be applied for the establishment of the plan.
  • You will be required to pay a proportion of your fee liability before the payment plan will be approved.
  • The remaining balance will be paid under a payment plan with an installment amount defined by the University.

Please note that all fees must be finalised in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions of the individual payment plan. Payment plans will be limited to the semester in which the request is made and no further extensions will be granted.

Be aware that non-payment of fees may lead to cancellation of your enrolment. Note: If you believe that you will have some difficulty paying your fees, you must contact the Student Financials Team via UNSW Student Central or email fees@unsw.edu.au.

FEE-HELP Assistance

A provision is available for undergraduate and postgraduate local full fee-paying students who are either Australian Citizens or Humanitarian visa holders to apply for a loan from the government via  FEE-HELP.

FEE-HELP forms are only available to eligible students, on the My Student Profile tab in myUNSW. You must sign on to access the form (My Student Services > Financials > Commonwealth Govt. Forms).


The University of New South Wales (UNSW Australia) makes every attempt to ensure that all information pertaining to tuition fees is correct at the time of publication. However, the University reserves the right to amend any information without notice in response to changing circumstances or for any other reason.

Students wishing to enrol in UNSW programs should note that specific arrangements for programs (including for example, staff allocation, semesters in which courses are held) as stated in UNSW publications, are an expression of intent only and are not to be taken as a firm offer or undertaking. Students wishing to take particular elective courses should ensure that these will be available prior to accepting their offer. Where oral representations are made by UNSW employees, representatives or agents that are inconsistent with written University publications, the written publications will apply.

This fee policy does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

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