Fee Policy for Sponsored or Assisted Students

Extract from the UNSW Fee Policy

Sponsored or Assisted students have an official sponsor recognised by the University and whom the University invoices directly, rather than invoicing the individual student. However, if the sponsor defaults on payment in any given teaching period the student will be liable for any unpaid tuition fee costs.

A student who has an 'unofficial sponsor', such as an employer or a family member who has agreed to cover study costs, is in all cases considered to be solely responsible for any financial liability to the University.

A student with an outstanding debt may not be permitted to re-enrol in a subsequent year or teaching period until the debt is paid in full. Students indebted to the University will not be issued with academic transcripts or any other official credentials and will not be permitted to graduate.

UNSW Domestic Fee Policy - Payment of Fees

UNSW International Fee Policy - Fee Charges and Payments