Founders information sessions now online!

Founders information sessions now online!

UNSW Founders is Australia’s most comprehensive university entrepreneurship program.

Our coaching services and pre-accelerator and accelerator programs are free and accessible to UNSW students, academic staff and Alumni – for life!

Our information sessions are now being run online every Wednesday from 12-1pm.

You will be emailed the zoom meeting link 24 hours prior to the session (tip: check your junk folder if you have not received it).

Please download the zoom software prior to the meeting time:

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with our startup coaches, fellow entrepreneurs and kick off your journey with UNSW Founders.



Want to know what some of our Founders are doing? Find out below. 

Joseph Kwon – Founder, CONFIT


For some of us right now self-isolation may feel a little bit like being a prisoner in your own home. This is a feeling ConFit founder and UNSW student, Joseph Kwon, is all too familiar with.

At the age of 21, Joseph was sentenced to 13 years in prison for directing a criminal enterprise. After spending almost a decade in incarceration, Joseph was able to turn his life around by enrolling to studying at UNSW, and founding popular local fitness start-up, ConFit.

Joseph is sharing some simple at-home routines via his Instagram for those of us at home and with limited space. “I can resonate with the feeling of incarceration that some may be feeling right now. We have to unite and support each other as a community in a time separation.” 

While his fitness classes had been recently gaining popularity in the areas of Redfern, Clovelly and Maroubra, last week’s COVID-19 ‘slow the curve’ prevention policies have made it impossible for classes to go ahead as usual. “Overnight I’ve just pivoted my business and moved all my clients online. The living room in my one-bedroom apartment has now become my office.” Joseph has described this transition as a ‘new chapter’.

“My thoughts go out to all those who are being affected by this situation especially business owners and the elderly - stay strong!”

Research shows that being sedentary is bad for your physical and mental health, so staying active during this difficult time is important. Not only does being active provide a range of physical and health benefits, like boosting your immune system, but it also helps lower stress hormones such as cortisol and releases feel-good hormones, such as endorphins.

If you’re feeling the need to get active, jump onto the ConFit Instagram or Facebook for some routines you can do at home.  You can also visit the Convict Fitness website for more information. 

Joe is now on his way to completing his Bachelor of Marketing/Management at UNSW and is currently participating in UNSW Founders Coach & Connect program.

Lisa Qi and Louise Chen - Founders, Share with Oscar

Founders information sessions now online!

Share with Oscar is an Aussie startup founded in 2017 by two female entrepreneurs, Lisa and Louise, who are passionate about smarter, and more sustainable solutions to our growing urban cities. We built Oscar to solve the parking woes in cities around the world by sharing a simple parking space. Today Share with Oscar has thousands of residents and businesses sharing their private parking spaces with their community.

Early in the outbreak of COVID-19, one of Share with Oscar's community members sent a message about a shortage of parking at hospitals around the country due to increased staffing demands and patients. They were also alerted to a Facebook group called 'Adopt a Healthcare Worker’ where healthcare workers had expressed their frustration with the lack of parking at their hospitals as well as the high cost of parking, which saw some members of the group offer up their driveway in the message thread. 

These are tough times for everyone, but to think that parking or safely commuting to work is a concern for healthcare workers at this time, is unacceptable. Lisa and Louise realised that this was something that they could help with, they had the technology/platform, and put their faith in the goodness of the community to share their parking space for FREE.

The reaction they have received has been overwhelming. Not only have many in the community offered up their parking spaces for free, but they have also offered to provide a hot meal to healthcare workers when they pick up their car. 

Got a space near a hospital you can spare?

Donate my space!


Share with Oscar participated in the UNSW Founders 10x Accelerator program.

Lisa Qi (co-founder) completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Science, Finance, Psychology and Master of Psychology (Organisational) at UNSW.

Jane and James Kintell - Founders, Kintell

Founders information sessions now online!

The Founders

The Kintell founders’ journey began in early 2013 in Sydney, Australia when Jane Qiu and James Behzadi met at a cafe on UNSW campus. James was working on his PhD project using Australia’s largest supercomputer to run his compute-efficient models of turbulence-chemistry interaction (let’s call this computational math for simplicity) through the Faculty of Engineering.

Jane was teaching International Business at UNSW Business School and later AGSM (MBA School of UNSW), after completing her PhD in International Management at UNSW Business School. The two felt a great connection instantly: they were both skilled migrants who took an adventure to a new country and they were both active thinkers about the world and where it was heading. As their relationship evolved from friends to husband and wife, Jane and James often found themselves in deep discussions on many social and scientific topics. These discussions eventually led to the founding of


What Kintell does

  • Kintell provides one-to-one video advice or tuition, paid or pro bono.
  • Browse for an advisor, book in a session, and speak to them via the Kintell video platform.
  • Kintell advisors come from all walks of life, from CEOs to enthusiastic hobbyists, who can advise learners on any topic
  • Although there are many experts on Kintell, Kintell is not an "expert" network, it is a knowledge network. Many advisors also share knowledge on their hobbies.


How was the problem identified?

Both Jane and James observed in their own work environments (Jane at AGSM, James at Qantas as a Data Scientist) how people need to be constantly learning new things to cope with an evolving work environment characterised by increasing speed, AI, and career changes. As an MBA educator working at the forefront of executive education, Jane noticed the daily needs of working professionals to talk to people from various industrial backgrounds. Upon her students’ requests, she often found herself spending increasingly more time setting up coffee chats between a current student and an alumnus or between two AGSM alumni. They often asked her to make a warm introduction so that one can ask the other some advice important to their work or personal decisions.

On the other hand, James’s work on computational math extended further into data science after he started working for Qantas Airlines on a cutting-edge predictive maintenance algorithm. He witnessed first-hand how the AI he developed would eventually disrupt a whole team of employees and wondered how these people could train themselves fast enough to keep up with the shifting landscape of their work environment. Throughout this process, he often needed the answers to complex problems. Looking on platforms like Google would only provide generic information. LinkedIn was another source he used, however, finding responsive experts to meet with was difficult. 

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