Get Tested - Free STI checks

Published: 11 September 2019

Sexual health testing can be as easy as peeing in a jar.

If you’ve had sex once or many times STI testing is recommended.

No one really talks about it, but sexually transmissible infections (STIs) are really common among young people in Australia. Anyone who is sexually active runs the risk of getting an STI – that’s just reality. But the good news is most can be easily treated once you know.

Regular sexual health checks play a vital role in maintaining your sexual health. Just as we exercise for physical and mental health and we clean our teeth for oral health, we should get checked for our sexual health too!

Sexual health testing is recommended for everyone:

  • 1. Once a year if you are sexually active,
  • 2. When you change sexual partners, or
  • 3. If you have unprotected sex or your condom breaks.

Do I need to test if I don’t have symptoms?

Most STI’s don’t have symptoms, so don’t use the absence of symptoms as an excuse. But if you do have symptoms such as burning urine, discharge and/or odd smells from your vagina or penis we recommend you book in to see a doctor who will do a few more test.

  • UNSW Health Service: 02 9385 5425
  • NSW Sexual Health Infolink 1800 451 624

Where can I test?

Throughout September UNSW is providing FREE and confidential STI checks to all Medicare and Medibank OSHC card holders*. Pick up a brown bag from any of the locations listed below, fill in the registration form, pee in the jar and take the jar and the get tested card to UNSW Health Service nurses desk.

  • O-week Hump Day stall, Women’s Collective, Arc Reception, Ethno-Cultural Lounge, Student Lounge in the Red Centre, Nura Gili, YMCA reception

Or Come down to a HUMP DAY stall every Wednesday throughout September for an on the day STI test with a team of health professionals

  • O-week Hump Day – Main walkway – Wednesday 11 September
  • CLB Hump Day – CLB courtyard – Wednesday 18 September
  • Quad Hump Day – Quad Lawn – Wednesday 25 September

Getting tested is easy and 100% confidential. It doesn’t even have to be awkward! Get the LOW DOWN ON TESTING HERE

*(Students covered by other healthcare providers will be sent a bill which they can claim back through their provider)

How do I get my results?

Your results will be sent to the Health Service within 4 working days. You will only be contacted if your results are positive – No news is good news. Make sure the health service has your BEST CONTACT details.

Get Tested with CASI

Anonymous STI testing is also available from CASI in the men’s toilet in the Quad. Follow the footsteps to the bathroom in the corridor outside the health service in the Quad. Answer some questions on the kiosk and see if you’re eligible. All you need is your name and your contact details.