Get Tested

Sexual health testing hasn’t been front and centre of people’s minds at the moment with everything related to COVID-19 taking up our head space. But if you’re having sex or have had sex, even once and not been tested, take the opportunity this SEXtember and get an STI check!

No one really talks about it, but sexually transmissible infections (STIs) are very common among young people in Australia. Anyone who is sexually active runs the risk of getting an STI – that’s just reality. But the good news is that most can be easily treated once you know. 

Regular sexual health checks play a vital role in maintaining your sexual health and overall health and wellbeing, it also keeps your partners safe. 

Sexual health testing is recommended for everyone; 

  1. Once a year if you are sexually active, 

  1. When you change sexual partners, or 

  1. If you have unprotected sex or your condom breaks. 

Do I need to test if I don’t have symptoms?

Most STI’s don’t have symptoms, so don’t use the absence of symptoms as an excuse. But if you do have symptoms such as burning urine, discharge and/or odd smells from your vagina or penis we recommend you book in to see a doctor who will do some tests. 

UNSW Health Service: 02 9385 5425 

Where can I test?

Throughout September UNSW is providing STI tests at NO cost to you through telehealth consults at the health service and outreach testing as part of HUMP day every Wednesday. Testing is free if you a have a Medicare, Medibank, Allianz, BUPA or AHM overseas health care card*. Make sure you bring your student card and health care card with you.  

Testing is also available via CASI the self-testing kiosk located in the men’s toilet near the health service in the Quad – NO healthcare care needed! 


Getting tested is easy and 100% confidential. It doesn’t even have to be awkward! Learn all about testing.

The most common STI is Chlamydia and this can be detected through a urine sample, that’s why during outreach testing we’ll only be collecting a pee sample. If you’re worried about having an STI and you want a more comprehensive round of testing, we encourage you to visit a doctor or a sexual health clinic. Remember let them know if you have had anal or oral sex as they may want you to include swabs in your testing. 

SEXtember Telehealth consult at UNSW Health Service

Throughout SEXtember UNSW Health service is offering FREE sexual health checks via telehealth for staff and students. To book an appointment follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the appointment page on UNSW Health service website 

  1. Login or register for appointment 

  1. Click ‘Next available with any practitioner’ 

  1. Click on SEXtember 

  1. Choose your appointment time 

  2. The UNSW Health service will email you details of your appointment and a registration form to complete. Please ensure you complete this prior to your appointment.

Got a question? call UNSW Health service on 02 9385 5425 

HUMP day testing?

Pre-register for testing by completing this form or just turn up on the day to get tested. 

A peer will talk you through the testing process and what steps are required. 

Your results will be sent to the Health Service within 4 working daysYou will only be contacted if your results are positiveNo news is good news! Make sure the health service has your best contact details.

*Students covered by other healthcare providers will be sent a bill which they can claim back through their provider