Apply for credit for an exchange place

Current UNSW students applying to undertake an international experiences such as short course, summer /winter course at a UNSW Exchange Partner or a course through an approved third party provider can apply to their faculty for the credit to be counted towards their UNSW degree through Cross Institutional Study (CIS).

For students nominated for direct enrolment refer to: Applying for credit for a direct enrolment place

The following procedure is for students who have been nominated for an exchange place by the UNSW Study Abroad and Exchange Office.

  1. Download the CIS Exchange Pre-approval request form
  2. Complete the form with all the courses you wish to complete at an overseas institution and their UNSW equivalents (these will likely be general education or elective subjects). 
  3. Submit the completed CIS Exchange Preapproval request form, along with the course outlines from the Host Institution via Cross Institutional Study webform  
  4. If approved, an email with your approval will be sent to your UNSW student email. Make sure to keep this in a safe place for use when you return*
  5. Forward this email along with the signed CIS Exchange Pre-approval request form to

*Upon successful completion of of the approved course(s), you will need to submit your official transcript from the host institution and your approved CIS Exchange form to the Study Abroad and Exchange office. Your overseas credit will then be transferred, generally within three weeks.


  • Approval for international study is not guaranteed
  • Approval requests are assessed for each students’ personal circumstances and study plans, in accordance with individual faculties policies
  • Approval is at the discretion of your UNSW Faculty

Download the CIS Exchange Pre-approval request form