Government Policies for Health and Education Students

Students of health-related and education programs should be aware of special requirements and policies of the NSW Ministry of Health and the NSW Department of Education and Communities that apply to them.

The requirements relate to:

  • Clinical/internship placements you must undertake as part of your program
  • Procedures for employment after you have completed the program.

Health-related programs

Criminal record checks

The NSW Ministry of Health has a policy of carrying out criminal record checks on all students who are undertaking clinical placements or who require access in any capacity to facilities operated by the Department. (This includes all the Teaching Hospitals used by UNSW in its Medicine program.) The check is conducted by the NSW Police Service and is coordinated by the Ministry of Health and UNSW.

The ministry undertakes these checks because it has a duty of care to all patients and clients receiving services from the Department.

You can obtain further details from your program authority.

Infectious diseases

Students required to complete clinical training in the NSW hospital system will be subject to various guidelines and procedures laid down for health workers by the NSW Ministry of Health relating to immunisation, infection and blood-borne viruses. You can obtain further details from your program authority.

Education programs

Criminal record checks

A check of police records must be conducted for all teacher education students applying for an unsupervised internship placement in a NSW government school. Contact your program coordinator for further details.

Working with children

Under the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998 and the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998, students who, as part of their enrolment, are required to work with children must declare whether they are a 'prohibited person' - that is, they have been convicted of a serious sex offence. It is an offence for a 'prohibited person' to work with children.

Please read the Government's Working with Children Check Policy.