Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment & Rape

UNSW Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment & Rape

Sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape are broad terms describing sexual behaviour that causes a person to feel uncomfortable, used, violated, threatened or abused. Although women are primarily the victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape, men and transgender people can also be victims.

If you think you or a friend or colleague has been sexually assaulted, sexually harassed or raped please talk with a professional and/or someone you trust to get suggestions and advice on what you can do.  You will find some suggestions and resources to assist below.  You can receive emergency support, counselling, advice and access to complaint procedures.  There are UNSW and external options which are confidential.

UNSW has zero tolerance for sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape and takes reports of this behaviour very seriously.  

In Australia it has been reported that 27% of female student survey respondents have experienced some form of sexual assault (NUS Survey in 2015) and 1 in 5 women over 15 years of age have been sexually assaulted (Australia Bureau of Statistics).

Emergency contacts

Phone 9385 6666 if there's risk of immediate danger. Campus Security are available 24/7.

Phone 000 for emergency Police or Ambulance assistance.

Please refer to our Urgent Help for additional emergency contacts.

Report an incident

You should consider reporting all incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape

Options for reporting include:

You might also like to:

Where to get support

Please think about your safety and support needs and contact these services

For 24 hour support phone 1800 RESPECT to contact the National Counselling Helpline for sexual assault and domestic violence.

Support at UNSW

Support outside UNSW

Women's support

Men's support


  • Another Closet - Domestic and family violence support for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex or queer

What is...?

What is sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual consent...

Sexual assault and harassment are broad terms describing sexual behaviour that makes a person feel uncomfortable, threatened or abused.

The website offers comprehensive resources on what is:

The NSW Rape Crisis Centre provides the following PDF fact sheets and resources:

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