About Us

The UNSW Heroes management team is committed to providing exceptional educational experiences and preparing our graduates for a new tomorrow. It's designed to bring together teams of incredible students and leading industry partners to solve challenges at UNSW and in the wider Sydney community. The team has a passion for unleashing student creativity and promoting entrepreneurial mindsets. 


David George- Program Manager 


  • Passionate advocate of lifelong learning
  • Values adaptable, globally minded teams 
  • Specialises in connecting international and domestic student cohorts
  • Fan of hikes, intercultural exchange, and emerging technologies
  • Get in touch- davidg@unsw.edu.au


Katie Gamon- Project Officer         


  • A keen interest in the extra-curricular learning industry
  • Specialises in student engagement and retention
  • Passionate about student capabilities and prospects
  • Enthusist about netball, food and travelling!
  • Get in touch- k.gamon@unsw.edu.au

Please contact the Hero Program using the below enquiry form. You can also email us via heroes@unsw.edu.au.

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