Past Projects

The following is a collection of past projects showcasing the diversity of initiatives the Heroes work on.


Hero Program Past Projects

A major problem faced by UNSW Staff and Students is overcrowding in popular areas, but also the underutilisation of many other spaces on campus. Students struggle to find a suitable area to do their work, often having to settle with any spot they can find.

EasySpace is an app designed to prevent this by providing users with information on available facilities and the current capacity. This ensures that users can find what they’re looking for in a timely and efficient manner, and suited to all their personal preferences.

UNSW Graduate Register

Hero Program Past Projects

This service intends to strengthen the achievements and credentials of the graduate, data for which is already available with UNSW. This system will reduce up to 75% of manual requests UNSW receives as projected by the Student Administration representative. The changes proposed would yield an outcome equivalent to the reallocation of the working hours of one full-time staff.


Hero Program Past Projects

Clancy eases the stress for both students and lecturers by providing course related answers instantly. A clever chatbot that leverages machine learning to provide immediate responses to student enquiries, Clancy aims to improve academic excellence at UNSW.

myIT Mobile

Hero Program Past Projects

myIT Mobile was one of the first projects to come out of the Hero program. Attracting over 5000+ downloads, the app has become the first crowd-sourced location-based app that provides IT support for students by students, with UNSW becoming the first university to implement such an initiative.


Hero Program Past Projects

Academic feedback is the foundation on which student improvement is built. SIRIUS is an innovative platform that provides students with instant academic feedback through the use of cognitive machine learning technology. SIRIUS aims to improve student learning through a personalised approach to help each individual know what they don’t know.


Hero Program Past Projects

Regular feedback should be the foundation with which the UNSW academic experiences are improved. However, 94% of students feel the current feedback system has no effect on improving course delivery and student learning.

Edugage is a facial recognition tool that tracks student attentiveness, enabling staff to improve content delivery and streamlines resources to students to improve their learning.


Hero Program Past Projects

Conventus is a platform for international students to connect and interact with UNSW mentors, clarify their doubts and receive information about UNSW through their choice of social media, making the students’ pre-arrival preparations easy and fun.

Conventus delivers a user-friendly social media optimization tool to help them communicate with students at scale while ensuring a personalized experience.


Hero Program Past Projects

International students make up a large percentage of UNSW, and it's no surprise that many of them also live in Kensington and Kingsford. Away from family, these students report to their colleges, hoping to ensure their safety - however, the system is archaic and dated.

SafeNSound brings a new system and method to allow international students to remain safe in the university environment and to provide peace of mind to their family members. This app will not only make it easier for students, but will also empower them to take control of their own safety.