H: (Home) Drive Questions and Answers

H: (Home) Drive Questions and Answers

Published: 8 June 2018

What’s an H: (home) drive?

H: drives are the individual storage ‘home’ drives for both UNSW staff and students. The H: (home) drive is used to store files for a single user. The H: (home) drive cannot be accessed by others.

What’s myAccess?

myAccess allows you to access your applications that you would normally only get in the teaching labs. Maple, Ansys, Matlab and AutoCAD are just some of the applications available via myAccess.

How much of my data has been lost?

Data has been restored from the UNSW backup systems up until 8pm Monday4 June 2018 for the vast majority of students. Unfortunately, any data generated after approximately 8pm Monday 4 June to 11:28am Tuesday 5 June has not been recovered, and for a very small number of students the most recent available backup is from approximately 8pm Friday 1 June 2018.

Can I get my data back?

Unfortunately, if you created or modified any files in your home drive between approximately 8pm Monday, 4 June and 11:30 Tuesday, 5 June, those files are lost and cannot be restored. In almost all cases, information saved before this period should have been recovered.

What do I tell my lecturer or course convener? Can I get an extension?

All UNSW staff, including teaching staff, have been notified and given guidance on managing the situation with students. If this outage has impacted your studies or your ability to complete assessment tasks please lodge a Special Consideration request.

If you are a Higher Degree Research candidate and have been affected by the outage, please speak to your supervisor to discuss any possible arrangements.

Will my exam go ahead?

Exams will proceed as scheduled. If this outage has seriously impacted your exam preparation, please lodge a Special Consideration request.

Did this outage just affect me or did it impact everyone?

This outage has impacted all staff and student H: (home) drives.

I’m feeling stressed and anxious as I’ve lost my work

For students: please contact the Educational Support Service to discuss any concerns about the impact on your studies. UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services can provide additional support.

For staff: if you are feeling stressed or anxious, please contact UNSW's Employee Assistance Program for support.

Should I move my data from the home drive?

The new system that home drives have been restored to is a highly resilient and secure system that maintains multiple copies of data across multiple data centres. The data is backed up every night to ensure we have a copy of your data that can be recovered in the event of a service failure. Your home drive can only be accessed from UNSW network connected computers or the myAccess System.

UNSW also provides all staff and students with access to Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business service. This service is available using your UNSW credentials. myAccess applications are unable to access OneDrive for Business.

Are staff members using Windows 7 affected by the outage?

If you are a staff member using a UNSW Windows 7 PC or laptop, your computer has kept a copy of the files from the server, so you can continue to use them as normal. When the Staff home drives are made available again your computer will copy the changes from your computer back to the server.

Who do I contact for more information?

For updates on this situation, you can visit the UNSW Outages website. The UNSW IT Service Centre can be contacted on +61 2 9385 1333 or ITServiceCentre@unsw.edu.au.

For students, please contact the Educational Support Service or your academic advisor if you are concerned about the impact on your studies. UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services can provide additional support.

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