Job Application Resources

Job Application Resources

The job market today is very competitive and if you want to stand out to potential employers you will need to market yourself effectively through the application process. If you want to feel more confident about applying for a job, here you will find great tips and examples on each stage of the process. You can even take workshops and book individual consultations.

How to analyse job ads

A job ad isn't likely to tell you all you need to know. Analysing the role further will assist you to know if it is right for you and what to feature in your application.

Cover letters

Writing a good cover letter is imperative to making a good first impression. Discover tips on how to write an effective cover letter that makes you stand out.


Your resume will help you market yourself to potential employers and is an outline of your key experience and skills. Find out how to write your resume and market yourself to potential employers successfully.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria are often used by public or community sector roles.  Learn about selection criteria and how to address the questions.


From how to dress and how to prepare, to mock interviews and questions you should ask - learn all about how to succeed in your next interview.

Assessment centres

Assessment Centres are not locations but a series of activities of workplace assessments. Find out what is involved and what you might expect.

Psychometric assessments

Increasingly employers are using psychometric assessment tools to find out more about potential employees to avoid making the wrong hire. Find out about common types as well as sample question types.

Negotiating a job offer

Congratulations!  You got a job offer or maybe three. Now, learn about how to evaluate multiple job offers and/or negotiate your salary.

Further assistance

If you need further assistance:

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