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Step outside your comfort zone and start to build a foundation for your leadership journey.

WHY – Our purpose is to assist students to develop into leaders of the future, to discover their leadership potential and step outside their comfort zone.

HOW – We provide opportunities and support for self-development and leadership potential through formal learning that focuses on understanding of self, developing student's soft skills that are central for a successful career, and leadership. The learning and understanding of such topics is extended through a community engagement component.

WHAT – The UNSW Leadership Program is a co-curricular program open to all UNSW students. Students complete online and face to face workshops that cover topics around; Confident Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Global Communication, Leadership in Diplomacy, Managing Conflict, Understanding Self and Others and Being a Student Entrepreneur. Students are also required to participate in volunteering and community engagement activities with UNSW Community Partners.  It is designed to be entirely flexible: complete the program at your own pace and select the learning components and practical experience that suits you.

About the program

The UNSW Leadership Program

The Program is a combination of practical & engaging workshops to help you develop important leadership skills and knowledge, and a short volunteering placement we call 'community engagement' in a setting of your choice. It is designed to be completed alongside your study load.

To ensure a rich and varied learning experience that will broaden your thinking, the learning content has been developed and is delivered by staff from many different specialist areas of the university including Student Development, New South Innovations, The Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, Careers and Employment, Student Development International and Equity and Diversity.

The program involves several components starting with an online introductory module and your choice of minimum 4 face-to-face workshops. After you completed these 2 components, you can then start the last component which is 20 hours of community engagement (volunteering).

You must complete all components in this order to have the program listed on your AHEGS.

* Please note that UNSW Leadership Program endorses the UNSW Ally Training and will recognise it as one face-to-face leadership workshop, only if you attend the Ally Training after you complete the Intro to Leadership online workshop first. For more information please refer to UNSW Leadership Moodle.

Key dates

Join any year, either in Semester 1 or 2

You can complete the program at any stage of your degree, and enrol at any time. Start your Leadership Program journey with the Introduction to Leadership Workshop (expires after 1 semester)

The face to face learning component is run from Week 2 to Week 8 of each semester with a catch up opportunity at the completion of each semester (June & November)

The 20 hour Community Engagement component can be completed at any time during the program, in a block or for just a few hours each week over several weeks.

Why get involved?

Develop yourself and your resume!

The Program is a great way to challenge yourself, learn about your strengths and develop the soft skills that are so crucial to effective leadership. Inadvertently students grow their network through meeting peers with whom they would not have had the opportunity to come in contact with. Many students thoroughly enjoy the volunteering component, and continue to work with the organisation beyond the program. The program is at a level that is achievable for all students, but will stretch you enough to be a really worthwhile use of your time.

Read about the experiences of some students who have completed the program already to find out what its really like and whether its for you.

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For current students

Resources and guidelines

  1. Refer to the Guidelines and Resources  for program philosophy, structure, workshops, FAQs and other resources.
  2. Take a look at the Community Partner Directory to see current Community Partners.
  3. Take a look at the Community Engagement Action Plan and plan out your volunteering component.
  4. Use this Email Template to contact Community Partners and get the ball rolling!
  5. Email: leadership@unsw.edu.au with any further questions.