Leadership Program 2019 

We have some big news! We are developing a new Program that will be ready to launch in 2020! 

Therefore, we would like to inform you of some important changes in 2019. 

  • We will not be accepting any NEW registrations in 2019 as we will be dedicating time to supporting students who are currently working their way through the program along with developing a new Program that will launch in 2020.
  • Students who registered in the UNSW Leadership Program prior to 2019 will have until Friday the 13th of December 2019 to complete all components of the current version of the Leadership Program. 

  • Students who have not yet registered in the program but have a keen interest in developing professional development skills are encouraged to register for the Skill Development Program

Students Registered in UNSW Leadership Program Prior to 2019 

For students who are currently registered and active in the UNSW Leadership Program you will have until Friday the 13th of December 2019 to complete all of the components of the program in order to receive your certificate and for the UNSW Leadership Program to appear on your AHEGS.  

What happens next for registered students? 

  1. Students received an email requesting they complete an 'Intent to Complete' survey. If you did not receive this please contact Leadership@unsw.edu.au

  1. Throughout the Terms we will be conducting optional information sessions for students who have registered prior to 2019 to assist you in navigating your way through the different components towards completion. 

  1. You will complete the components of the program that you have not yet completed i.e. attend Leadership Training throughout T1 and T2 and/or commence and complete your Community Engagement hours 

Students Registering in a Student Development Program 2019 

Students who are interested in participating in a Student Development Program in 2019 are encouraged to register in the Skills Development Program (SDP).  

The Skill Development Program offers flexible volunteering opportunities throughout the year. It aims to facilitate the development of graduate attributes including teamwork, communication and leadership skills through casual volunteering opportunities on campus such as O-week, Open Day, Info Day and off campus events such as Festival of Dangerous Ideas. 

What's next?

  1. Sign up to the Skill Development Program (SDP) to have access to incredible opportunities lined up for 2019

  2. Stay tuned for information on the new UNSW Leadership Program for 2020 

If you have any questions regarding this change please contact us at: