The Philosophy of the Program

Philosophy of Leadership Program

We've designed a program based around a philosophy of leadership, and in accordance with the general needs of UNSW students:

  • Flexible – We know you are busy and have a lot of commitments: Complete the program at your own pace. You have until the end of your degree to complete the program.
  • Personalised - Each of you is unique: Select the learning components and volunteering experience to suit your development needs and interests. The motivation and self directness required is all part of your leadership journey as well!
  • Accessible – Everyone can be a leader: The program is open to all students with the motivation to develop themselves, regardless of their level or experience. 
  • Experiential & Practical – Leadership and development take practice: Workshops are interactive and get you 'learning by doing' and engaging with one another. The Community Engagement helps you take the learning and test it in the real world, where real growth can happen.
  • Community/Social Change – Leadership involves social responsibility and change: The program requires you to complete at least 20 hours of community volunteering to experience the many positive effects of making a contribution to the wider world.