UNSW Leadership Program

UNSW Leadership Program

Leadership is not just for the chosen few. Leadership is for anyone with the commitment to take action, get involved and work with others towards meaningful change.

The UNSW Leadership Program is a co-curricular program open to all UNSW students. It combines active involvement in community engagement with formal training and developmental opportunities. You may enrol in and complete the program at your own pace and choose from a series of workshops and lectures that suit your individual interests.

The UNSW Leadership Program is accredited under UNSW Advantage and completion of the program will be recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement.

The UNSW Leadership Program will provide you with the knowledge and skills that are necessary in developing key graduate attributes:

  • Leadership
  • Global citizenry
  • Professional skills development

Program overview

In order to complete for the UNSW Leadership program, you will need to gain 100 points from both key components of Learning (60 points) and Community Engagement (40 points).

Learning (60 points)

Community Engagement (40 points)

  • Minimum of 20 hours of volunteering either within the university* or without a not-for-profit organisation (40).

    *NB Students may use existing on campus volunteer opportunities accredited by UNSW Advantage, however the same volunteer hours cannot be used twice.  Please contact leadership@unsw.edu.au for more information.


The learning component comprises of two key sections: workshops and self reflection.

Workshops: A series of skills based workshops and lectures that consider leadership from a global perspective. You will complete two core modules ("Introduction to the Leadership Program" and either "What is Leadership?" or "Leadership in Practice") and at least 30 points worth of elective modules (5 points per hour of workshop).

Self reflection: In addition, you will complete two 350 word guided self-reflections at enrolment and completion of the program to demonstrate how your skills and experience develop during the program.

Community Engagement

You will be required to source your own volunteering experience as this will also develop your leadership capabilities, however guidance and resources will be provided. Please see the FAQs for further details.

Eligible community engagement includes:

  • Volunteering with not-for-profit community organisations
  • Volunteering within the University*
  • Student-led projects and initiatives as approved by leadership@unsw.edu.au

Step-by-step guide

Below you can find the 5 step guide to completing the Leadership program.

Step 1 - Enrol

Complete the UNSW Leadership Program enrolment form and first self reflection http://tinyurl.com/leadershipenrolment.

Step 2 - Workshops

The Leadership Program holds a series of workshops held throughout the year as well as during our vacation catch-up weeks. The dates are released in batches and are announced via the email address you used to sign up. Due to the popularity of the program it is advised that students book early to avoid disappointment.

For workshop registration please visit http://unswthehub.eventbrite.com.au

Semester one 2014 workshops now available (updated 08042014)

Please note

  • The semester workshop details are subject to change - the latest details will always be those on Eventbrite.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to complete the requisite points before they graduate.   The Leadership Program team do not take responsibility for students who do not finish their points before their graduation and are therefore unable to complete the program.  It is suggested that students plan their workshops in advance, bearing in mind that workshops only take place between weeks one and ten and during catch up week in vacation.
  • All leadership program workshops are also available to students who are not enrolled in the program. Students may choose to enrol in the leadership program at a later date.
  • Workshop Etiquette - Read Before Attending a Workshop  (PDF, 91 KB)

Step 3 - Community engagement

You will complete 20 hours of community engagement, worth 40 points towards the program.  You will need to complete some simple steps in order to gain your 40 points:

See course FAQs for what community engagement can be approved for the program and a list of available resources to find volunteering.

Step 4 - Completion

Fill out the UNSW Leadership Program completion form including your final self-reflection (5 points) - http://www.tinyurl.com/unswlpcompletion

Step 5 - Confirmation

Congratulations! You have completed the UNSW Leadership Program. 

You will be emailed to confirm your completion and the UNSW Leadership Program will appear on your Co-Curricular Online Service through myUNSW.  Your certificate presentation will be confirmed via email.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please see answers to frequently asked questions.


If you need further help, please contact the program administrator:

  • Email: leadership@unsw.edu.au
  • Phone: 9385 9365
  • In person: The Hub, Lower Ground, Morven Brown Building (entry via Commerce Courtyard)

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