Program Structure

The UNSW Leadership Program is broken down into three key components: Personal reflections on your leadership journey, workshops to learn important leadership and professional skills, and Community Engagement to put it all to practice in the real world. Each of which carries a number of points. You must accrue a total of 100 points to graduate from the program.

    Personal Reflections (10 points total)

      • 2 x online personal reflections (minimum 200 words each)

    Workshops (50 points)

      •  'Introduction to Leadership' online workshop (10 points)
      • 4 x face to face workshops (40 points)

    Community Engagement (40 points)

      • Minimum of 20 hours volunteering (in a not-for-profit organisation or agreed university program)

The introductory module is completed in Moodle, and is made available from Week 1. The face to face workshops are delivered from Week 2 - 8.

You have until the end of your degree to complete the Leadership Program.


How it works