Be Aware, There’s A Tram There

Be Aware, There’s A Tram There

Published: 28 June 2019

UNSW supports the Transport for NSW safety campaign “Be Aware, There’s A Tram There” to educate road users, pedestrians and cyclists about how to safely operate and move about near the light rail during the testing and commissioning phase of the project.

Over the coming months as the testing program progresses and we move closer to operations of the light rail, Transport for NSW will be sharing further information around sharing the network with trams, including road rules, so that Sydneysiders and visitors understand how to safely navigate the streets, much like those who live and visit Melbourne.


  • Road conditions may have changed
  • Trams cannot stop easily or quickly
  • Trams are quiet, pedestrians should look out (both directions) before they step out
  • Bicycle riders are not permitted to ride in the tram lanes, and when travelling through intersection cross the tracks on an angle

For drivers and operators of heavy vehicles:

  • New signals are now in place for trams, always stop on the red
  • Never turn in front of tram and do not queue across intersections

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