Changes at pedestrian crossings for Light Rail

Changes at pedestrian crossings for Light Rail

Published: 23 October 2019

Changed conditions for Anzac Parade pedestrian crossings at UNSW Mall Entrance and NIDA

  • Please be aware of recent changes introduced at some pedestrian crossings along the Light Rail route.
  • Changes include a staggered two staged approach at some crossings.
  • This new pedestrian crossing is now in place at Anzac Parade outside UNSW and NIDA at Kensington.
  • Tram testing is now underway in the Kensington and Kingsford areas.

What this means

  • When you push the signal button, the green crossing will allow you to the middle of the crossing where the light rail stop is
  • When the button is activated on both sides of the road, the entire crossing may be sequenced together.
  • It is important to remember to only cross on the green

Safety tips

  • Be aware at intersections for trams and follow traffic signals.
  • Always use designated crossing points, push the signal button and wait for the green signals before crossing the road.
  • Step over tracks as they can be slippery when wet.
  • Always look both ways and remember trams can approach from both directions.
  • For prams, cyclists and wheelchairs, cross tracks on an angle to avoid wheels getting stuck in the tracks.
  • More safety tips

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