Medicine Higher Degree Research

Who can join this program?

Commencing Medicine HDR students, including MPhil, Master by Research, PhD

T1 program: Candidates commenced in T3 of previous year and candidates commencing in T1 of current year.

T3 program: Candidates commenced in T2 and candidates commencing in T3 of current year.

Program description 

Senior research students will be mentoring groups of 1st year Medicine research students to help new HDR students with their transition to UNSW in general and to research study in particular. The program focusses on the milestones and challenges new research students are faced with in their first year.

Following 3 training sessions for mentees, facilitated by the Faculty, mentors will run face to face and online group sessions, workshops and networking events. Topics will be guided by mentors under consideration of issues mentees would like to discuss or learn more about.

Mentors will also be available for questions from individual students and group chats via an online platform.

When does the program run?

Twice Annually

Program duration?

T1: February to September (with mentor training from February to March)

T3: August to March (with mentor training from August to September)

When are registrations open?

The Program will be introduced at the Medicine HDR Induction in February and by Yammer in July/August.

I’m a new student, how do I register to participate in the program?

A registration link will be provided following the Medicine HDR Induction in February and in July/August.

More information

Contact: Kattrin Gloeckler, HDR Officer; Song-yun (Sonia) Kao, HDR Support


I’m a senior student, how can I become a mentor?

All eligible HDR students will be contacted via Yammer at end of the end and again in mid-year, and be given the opportunity to register their expression of interest.