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meditation lab eposterWelcome to the Meditation Lab

On this page you will find a documentation of an eight week course held on the UNSW campus in Semester 2, 2014.  There are nine videos from the course, starting with an introduction, this is followed by a suggested home practice in four parts the first 3 are: Yoga Breathing, Bodily Relaxation and Awareness of Breath and Body.  These three short videos make up the full home practice that follows, but are divided in this way to give you the opportunity to practice the three parts separately or do them all together, which takes just over 19 minutes.  The home practice provides a model for your meditation practice starting with a slowing and deepening of the breath, followed by the relaxation of your body and then moving into a mindfulness practice where your point of focus is your breath and internal sensations.  Once you have done the first two pieces you can continue the mindfulness exercise for as long as you like, the one offered here lasts for six and half minutes, though you might like to extend this to 10, 20 or 30 minutes.  Though remember it is better to do small amounts often, every day if possible rather than longer meditations say once a month.

After the home practice there are three other meditations that you might like to use: Movement Meditation, based on simple yoga postures; Pranayama breathe meditation, Meditation on the Senses and Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra can be used in two ways it is very relaxing and you might like to do it at night if you have trouble sleeping. It can also be used as an energiser during the day. It is best to do Yoga Nidra lying down but it can also be done sitting up.

You can also refer to this Resources document that lists a number of meditation apps, articles and books, Youtube clips and suggestions for meditation groups in Sydney. It is by no means exhaustive but offers a starting point for your meditation.

We hope that you will find these clips useful and all the very best with your practice.


Introduction to the Meditation Lab

Home practice in parts

Yoga Breathing, Body Relaxation, Awareness of Breath and Body

Home practice in full

Movement meditation


Meditation on the senses

Yoga nidra