Midyear Peer Mentoring Program

Who can join this Peer Mentoring Program?

This Program is for new first year students commencing their studies at UNSW midyear.

Program description

The Midyear Peer Mentoring Program supports new students commencing in Semester 2 to make a smooth transition to university life. Mentors are senior students across a diverse range of university faculties and courses that can show new students the ropes of student life at UNSW. Mentors can provide advice and tips on what’s available at UNSW and provide social support as new students embark on university life midyear.

When does this program run?

Semester 2 only

Program duration

This Program starts in O-Week and ends in Week 8

When are registrations open?

Early July - Early August

How do I register to participate in the program?

If you are a new student and would like to join the Midyear Peer Mentoring program to be matched with a Mentor, please register your details by clicking the following link http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3692988/Join-the-Midyear-Peer-Mentoring-Program-2017  

More information

Email: peermentoring@unsw.edu.au 

How can I become a mentor?

Applications for s2 2017 Midyear Peer Mentor positions have now closed. Information about the s2 2018 Midyear Peer Mentoring Program, applications procedures and a registration link will be available here in April 2018.

Please contact peermentoring@unsw.edu.au for more information.