Student@UNSW volunteers Opportunities

Please submit this form to request Student@UNSW volunteers.

We have over 100 casual volunteers who are keen to learn and assist with any UNSW approved projects organized by staff or students, focus groups, or any other Skill Development Program initiatives. We also have black student@UNSW t-shirts for these volunteers if you would like these volunteers to be spotted easily and you do not have your own branded clothing.

For any large events, please consider our trained Accessibility Ambassadors to help ensure your events are inclusive.

Any selection criteria, dress code, etc
It can be food, vouchers, etc. This is not necessary as all volunteers will receive volunteering hours for AHEGS accreditation.
You name and contact details for the day and the event in general
Please meet the volunteers before the event starts. Provide students with at least 30 minutes briefing and a short debriefing after the session. If necessary, you can also set up a separate training session.