Note-taking Support

You may be eligible to be registered for our note-taking service if you are unable to take lecture notes for yourself or if the course material is not available in other formats i.e. online, through UNSW recordings, etc. Note-taking may not be relevant for certain teaching formats such as discussion based sessions.

NOTE: Eligibility for note-taking support is assessed by the documentation provided by your Doctor or Health Professional and in consultation with your Equitable Learning Advisor. If you need assistance, contact us and register for support.

Note-taking is unlikely to be provided for seminars or tutorials. Note-takers are UNSW students recruited, where possible, from each of your classes.

The note-taker service is anonymous. You will not be introduced to your note-taker and they will not know who you are or anything about your disability.

Please do not make contact with your note-taker. We have advised our note-takers to respect your privacy and it is important that you respect theirs. Sometimes we are unable to recruit a note-taker from your class. If this is the case, your Equitable Learning Advisor will discuss this with you and whether any alternative arrangements can be made.

Note-taking is one of the most complex and time-consuming services that Equitable Learning Services provide. Your cooperation in helping our note-taking service to run smoothly is very much appreciated.

Note-taking will only be provided for classes where notes cannot be obtained in another way, such as Lecture Recordings, Moodle, etc.

The note-taking service does not replace your attendance at the lecture.

To apply for note-taking, fill out the online form Request a Notetaker.

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